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Thread: It's Even Better To Watch Now ~ Epsode 10 Recap

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    I Love Tuesday
    Imagine what the finish would have been like if the wrestlers had not botched the clue. There would have been four teams arriving at basically the same time. Now that would have made for good TV, sort of a crossover between TAR and Survivor! I doubt the wrestlers would have lost that scrap.

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    Another great recap.

    I can't believe there's only 2 episodes left!
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    Excellent and hysterical recap, Cali! There seemed to be such a "calmness" about the recap. Oh yes . . . something wasn't here this week that was there last week. The comment about Adam's running technique--funniest thing I've read in a long time--and the perfect visual for anyone who missed the show!

    The runner is just smiling and nodding. The international symbol meaning I-Donít-Know-What-Youíre-Saying-But-Youíre-Mighty-Big-So-Iíll-Just-Agree.

    I do not run unless being chased by a dog. A big dog. A big hungry dog. I will not make fun of the runners. Unless Jonathon were here. He would have looked like an idiot.

    While waiting for the second charter we get to hear Kendra vomit in the bathroom. This is not a sound I am fond of, but I guess Iíll just be thankful that there is no such thing as smell-o-vision yet.

    Adam runs like youíd expect him to. Just like a toddler who heard the ice-cream truck.

    Again, Iím looking for comments! Are they nice? Will they make me happy? I want to be happy! E-me: cali@fansofrealitytv.com Any mean comments? Will they make me ďAdam OutĒ and start pouting? E-me: Cali@KeepItToYourselMisterIWan naBeHappy.com

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    Outstanding recap!!!
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    So is this Tuesday, the first of feb, the last show? Is that the 2 hour finale? or is that next week?
    Oh and GREAT RECAP!!! I have not watched the show for 4 weeks, but I just read your recaps and I feel like I did watch it!

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    I'm new to this chat, but a long time fan of TAR...... Since there are two episodes left and one non elimination leg left I assume that means no one leaves tomorrow night. Does that seem right to you all? I hope so that way I won;t have to worry about my team..Jon/Kris leaving !!!

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    The way it usually works is 4 teams go into the last episode. One hour into the two hour finale, someone gets eliminated. I believe the show summary in the program guide supports this.

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    Actually, TAR5 last season was the first to make the NEL with 4 teams left vs. only 3 teams left. But my guess is that they will continue with the NEL with 4 teams left, so tonight should be a NEL.

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