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Thread: Who "Yields" Who?

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    I totally agree. I don't think they've added anything useful to the race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyaltyBuff
    I agree that if there is a chance to yield KJ -- it will be done, but hoping that emotions will come into play and Kendra and Freddy will yield Rebecca and Adam.....

    I'm hoping that for once slow and steady wins the race (Kris and Jon)!

    How do you mean for once slow and steady wins. Chip and Kim were slow and steady and they won the race. So it's wouldn't be the first time.

    My thoughts on the yield are as follows:

    1. A&R were stupid for listening to Jonathan and yielding F&K instead of yielding J&V. I don't know what they were thinking unless it was that since J&V didn't have any donkeys that they were ahead of them. And anyone who listens to Jonathan should know he had an agenda. So I can't stand A&R now.

    2. Perhaps even more stupid was the "revenge yield" of A&R by F&K. You can either yield a strong team or get revenge. I have to think Kendra was the ring leader in that because I don't think Freddie is that stupid!

    With the teams left, my hope is the K&J win the race. Hayden is a beotch, and Kendra is far worse. I think Aaron and Freddie would make a likeable team, but figure in their racing partners, and it's like Flo & Zack all over again. How could anyone be pulling for either of them to win?

    Also, seeing how A&R act, I would have thought they were the youngest competitors. They act like they're barely 20. I was really surprised to see that they're both 30. They're the most immature 30 year-olds I've ever seen!

    K&J are the only likeable team left. After G&H were eliminated, I knew right away who should win. I have to wonder at this point if anyone aside from friends and family of the other team members ISN'T rooting for K&J.........

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