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Thread: It Took An Ass ~ Episode 9 recap

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    I swear Phil was smiling when he informed them.
    Oh yeah, he had a more severe face when Adam and Rebecca arrived.

    Great recap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    The models get on the second charter flight, and head off to the village. Upon seeing Ethiopia Kendra remarks: “This is a different kind of poverty than in Dakar, like the people choose to be this way, it’s actually refreshing… the animals aren’t as skinny” Ummm… OK. I don’t know what to make of that statement, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    The Africans did make up for “all that breeding” though, when the kids came to Kendra’s rescue and offered to carry her pack, and help them the rest of the way.
    Great stuff, Cali!
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    Cali I love your recaps and read them every week. I really should post and let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into them.


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    Great recap. There are way too many funny quotes to repeat. I am so mad I missed this Episode. But reading your recap made it worth it.

    Thank the lord in heaven that the Mr and Mrs Amazing Idiot are gone too bad it wasn't a couple of episodes ago.

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    haha, its funny when you said they kidnapped the kid. I guess he did sort of look out of place but I guess he was surprised with all this attention. In Ethiopia, of all places. It was a great end to another great episode though.

    It was good that Jonathan and Victoria ended their run on the race the way they did. The way they showed class and respect when they stepped on the pit stop mat, instead of whining or complaining. They gave a moment to wait then they both stepped on the mat together. They never gave up to the very end. They had heart and desire. It was a strong scene when Jonathan and the African locals had their arms up in the air to show there is no quitting and one must fight to the end. Jonathan and Victoria had a lot of respect for the culture, and the people of Africa. The locals were smiling and helping all the teams. Jonathan concludes by giving away his possessions, a heartfelt gesture. We see a guy with lots of care and compassion, and Jonathan and Victoria were able to share a touching moment at the end. They are indeed connected at the soul.

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    Again thanks for the kind words about my recap guys! And Weizer, glad you decided to comment, hope you stick around for TAR 7 too.
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    I couldn't have been more happy to see a team eliminated. Jonathan is an abusive, ugly little man but, Victoria is a neurotic mess to put up with him. It's like they honestly believe they are blind siding America with the rare lovely dovey routine. I guess there really is a mate for everyone in the world.

    I agree that Phill seemed to of had a hidden smirk when he saw this "loving" couple arrive last. It's just amazing how we all could miss the soulful connection these two have. Maybe we need to reevaluate our ideas of love? Hmmm...

    Freddy and Kendra really should not have even signed up for the show. Freddy seems too afraid to mess up his pretty looks, and Kendra is about the most shallow individual I've seen in a long time. It's people like her that continue to give America a bad image abroad.

    Adam and Rebecca are the typical man whipped by girl team. It's Rebecca that continues to toy with Adam. Of course Adam is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is genuinely "whipped" by Rebecca. Of course Rebecca does'nt want to be a mother figure for Adam, but insists on taking control of him with her threats.

    Lori and Bolo are a strong team, but Lori seems to never be happy. Even when they were in first place, she still insisted on complaining. Maybe the two of them need to do a little wrestling with each other again. I will admit, I like this team. There's just something about them that keeps me routing for them. Maybe it's the idea that Wrestlers are suppose to show boat whenever they are in the public eye.

    Jon and Kris seem to be the happiest. They are enjoying the opportunity Amazing Race is offering. Of course no team is perfect, but I seem to like them too.

    Finally, Hayden and Arron. Our most recent first place team. I honestly don't see how Arron can stand to be around Hayden. She is constantly nagging Arron. I feel that Arron is going to really blow up at her soon. If he doesn't, then I'll give him a lot of credit for patience.

    I am really enjoying this season of Amazing Race, and look forward to watching the next leg.

    BTW...I won't always be so negative. I just call them how I see them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Kendra starts the leg complaining that they have done no research on the Ferry. Gee woman, enough with the research!

    Can we guess how Kendra felt about going to Ethiopia? Yes, it’s another third world country… they were just in a third world country! I don’t think this is what she signed up for… poor baby.

    She cries about it to Freddy who informs her that they (Lori and Bolo) would never have done that to him, and that he would make sure that nothing like that ever happened to poor Kendra again. Excuse me while I puke.

    Jon tests the worlds gag reflexes by beginning this leg shirtless. Mine is doing ok… hopefully everyone else’s is too.

    The young man is sitting between them as they argue and looks like he will need many hours on a therapist’s couch to get over this ordeal.
    Fantastic recap as always, Cali!

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    I asked God for a sign the other day… ya know, that s/he’s was really there… that things would be OK… I think I may have received that sign with this weeks Amazing Race.

    . . . take a ferry to Nice (pronounced Niece, for all you wrestlers out there… HAHA…

    Once they realize the mistake and can’t talk the farmer into just letting Jon be considered the other ass

    No, it’s not a typo, it’s a pronunciation that Aaron called Hayden on. She was furious insisting that she knows how to telk.

    She is humble and respectful, and again it’s niece…. I mean Nice.

    I honestly try to think of something nice to say about each team that has been eliminated. Usually it’s not hard because I can always fid something nice. Not this time folks.

    Comments? Niece ones?
    Well of course you'll only get "niece" comments from me on this recap. Wonderful reading. Truly a blissful ending to this episode; it had to be your "sign" you were looking for.

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    This was definitely one of my fave episodes so far this season :o)

    and not JUST because of the happy ending

    the beginning was way too slow though- wish they would've cut alot of the extraneous airport footage :oP
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