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Thread: 01/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster
    Thanks, Peakin. Perhaps I'll run across the name of the area and be able to link it with the name if St. George doesn't provide results by itself.

    Vicarious_Viewr's comment "I think the fact that Hayden had to beg for cash at the start definitely tempered her attitude for this leg of the race" reminded me of something I decided watching this week.

    I forget whether it was Bolo who mentioned not having the cash to spare for a room, but whoever it was, I figured if I were in their shoes, and observing the ease which the NEL racers generate cash I'd be working on my "poor little me" delivery and begging my fanny off until someone instucted me that it was against the rules. To heck with sleeping in the street if you can con some cash out of someone.

    It's not against the rules. There was a team a couple years ago, two girls, who started off begging on the first leg of the race. IIRC it was at the airport immediately after the start line... before the first flight of the race.

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    The church was called St. Georges's Church, which is at Lalibela.

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    I forgot to thank you Mrs CWebb for jinxing J&V properly and getting them eliminated

    I think all the contestants can be cited for inappropraite actions / words at some point in this race (except maybe Kris & Jon)...whether it's intentional or not is beside the point. It's a TV show where every second recorded on tape has the potential of glorifying or vilifying you. Most of the contestants are actor/model/performer types who should be well aware of this. They are only in the countries & towns for a couple of days at the most....so the respect or lack of respect they show is more relevant, imo because that interaction IS the lasting impression the locals and some viewers will have of them.

    Opinions/attitudes formed by poorly misinformed points of view are unfortunately a given in every day life and they are often changed when people grow and mature. Impressions you give as a result of your actions are far more relevant in the interactive process. It's nearly impossible to know what a person truly thinks or believes unless you are miraculously telepathic. How they treat you on the other hand is obvious and out in the open. I'm not defending any of Kendra's badly chosen words but I feel that there are others (Jonathon & Victoria, Lori briefly) who are more worthy of criticism than the current scapegoat (Kendra).

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    I'm late coming to the party of J&V's demise, but better late than never, right?

    Count me in as one who was fascinated with St. George's Church. I found a link with a little bit of history about the church...good stuff. http://www.gisdevelopment.net/applic...rchg0012pf.htm
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozjod
    The church was called St. Georges's Church, which is at Lalibela.
    Thanks, ozjod. I'm betting this church has a fascinating story behind it.

    I posted and then saw your link; thanks AJane.

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    I don't really think Kendra's a scapegoat. This is now at least two episodes where she has said things that make her sound incredibly ignorant. That's much worse, in my opinion, than Lori frantically rushing through the church with unintentional disrespect. She's in a race and concentrating on the task at hand. Kendra makes these comments as observations.

    With that being said, Jonathan is still light years more offensive than Kendra. Kendra makes comments about people she doesn't know in a world she doesn't understand. Jonathan is horrible to his wife, who he supposedly loves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicarious_Viewr
    I forgot to thank you Mrs CWebb for jinxing J&V properly and getting them eliminated
    Thanks, just doing my part as a FORT member.

    Well said Vicarious, I agree with you on multiple aspects of your posts. Quite frankly, I cringed a lot of times when J&V were exceptionally rude and condescending towards the locals, especially those poor flight attendants/agents & taxi drivers. They should give them a "Am I embarassing & disgraceful to my country?" test before going.

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    A few months or years? ago there was an interesting article in National Geographic about churches in Ethiopia like St Georges. I remember that the are very beautiful, mysterious and full of history. You could start looking here: http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/...0010701.6.html
    for more info. I'm rushed right now, so I can't do a full Kendra-style research job...

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    "Kendra-style research" Too funny!
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    J/V - Two annoying people who appear to truly deserve each other. Ironically it was Vic who blamed Jonathan for losing the race, because he didn't "help" her read the clue. When most racers are Philiminated, they talk about what a positive experience the race has been. These two both talk about how disappointed they are. I took that to mean that The Race didn't meet their expectations. Well TOO BAD - they didn't exactly meet ours either. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    L/B- These two seem to be more bothered by the lack of food and proper rest more than the others. It reminds me of when Regis Philbin had his heart attack - he did a lot of weight training, but little cardiovascular work. I like them. Sure they're rough around the edges, but I think they are good people. I loved the way Phil warded off a Lori hug by telling them they stink.

    R/A- Rebecca shouldn't have given their improved flight plan away, but Adam shouldn't have harped on about it either. Clearly these two are not couple material, but could be good friends. Adam needs to realize that, if he insists on projecting a "needy child" persona, he can't complain when that's exactly how he's treated. Rebecca needs to realize that she's going to find it hard to be part of a "great couple" when perspective boyfriends see firsthand how she treated the last one. I thought her response to Kendra's "Why did you YIELD us" diatribe was very clever "So many questions." It made me wish I had said it.

    K/J- While clearly not the best RACERS, they are certainly the most enjoyable couple. Hopefully now that the Jon & Vic show is over, they will get more air time.

    F/K- Freddy's HE-MAN act saying that he'll never let L/B bully her again (said out of their earshot) was an unfortunate case of his mouth writing a check his body couldn't cash. On the other hand he didn't freak out when he cut his finger or when they were YIELDED. I think it's important to note that while Kendra is the one with diarrhea of the mouth, he is the bobble-head who never disagrees. Kendra may live in a sheltered world, but presumably she does have a TV and has at least viewed poverty from afar. She has made several comments about research during the race. After the race she will hopefully watch more Discovery channel and less Fashion and E.

    A/H- Are they still here? I have to give her credit for acknowledging that she was the reason they were almost Philiminated and getting an attitude adjustment in time for the next leg. I loved Aaron sharing the "I'm good at driving an ass." comment with us at Hayden's expense. If her necklines were any more plunging, TAR would have to get out the pixylator.

    On a personal note to Krom: How dare you suggest that my Pepe's accent is less than authentic! THE NERVE!

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