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Thread: Episode 8 recap ~ Men, Women and Babies

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    Awesome job, Rose.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Most definitely snarky!!!! Great job, roseskid.

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    Great job with the recap.

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    Awesome recap

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    But remember, donít drink and drive, just drink and post.

    I canít help but feel that comment was in reply to someone off camera asking, ďSo, isnít Jonathan an abusive jerk? How do you feel about the way you and Kris treat each other in comparison?Ē

    Notice I put Victoriaís name first? Thatís for you, Jonathan...thought it may help push you over the edge. From now on, youíre only mentioned after Victoria, got it? Itís so easy to misuse recapper power, isnít it? sneer...

    After much bickering, Victoria and Jonathan decide to Fly Behind. I hoped there would be a third choice of Fall Far Behind, but guess not.

    They take off with Victoria in the boat, Jonathan on the raft. I sit upright. Well, this could get interesting...my imagination takes over, as I hope to see Jonathan get eaten by sharks, snapping turtles, or any other ocean creature who is just as sick of him as me. But Iím just not that lucky. Either that, or marine creatures donít want him either.

    Sounds like Hayden has taken Jonathanís course on ďHow to Blame Others for All Your Problems, 101Ē.

    Rebecca says she does love Adam, but that isnít enough to make a relationship work, adding she doesnít want to be his mother anymore. Iím surprised she signed up for the job in the first place. Youíd think the diapers and daycare would be enough to put you off, but I guess some ladies like that.

    Adam puts himself in time-out because apparently there wasnít a boat he could threaten to jump from, or railroad tracks he could lay down on. I am, however, at a loss as to why he didnít find a plane to taxi over him.

    As is clearly seen in the taxi, Freddyís forehead is sporting three small gashes from the gate fiasco. I wonder how long it will be until we see him on Dr. 90210, or Extreme Makeover getting the plastic surgery he will so desperately need in order to resume his career?

    By the way, tonightís ďbabyĒ count was 43 (yes, I spent my precious time counting), so it may not be such a good idea to drink every time itís uttered...perhaps every other.
    So much to quote, excellent recap Roseskid!

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    We can only hope that Victoria and Jonathan will be eliminated next week...I try to look at life with optimism.

    A collective cheer will go across the USA when this team gets eliminated.

    Great recap - laugh out loud moments reading - thanks!

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    roseskid: BIG grin from me! Great recap...again!
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Awesome job Rose. I particularly appreciate this one since my recorder went bonkers as well. I've been out of sorts. Your recap saved the day.

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    very nice. i just love the recap!

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