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I would like to see 6 FF's. That way, it would guarantee that all of them should get used, but there'd be a lot more strategy involved in going for them.

I think the problem with the YIELD is that the teams don't seem to get their strategic value. It goes beyond making a team wait around for a while. There is a huge psychological edge to it. If teams could get past the "it's mean" or "not fair" mentality, WE could have a lot of fun with it.

NEL: It may seem like a lame penalty to have to go into the next leg of the race without money, but think about it. It's one thing to ask fellow racers for money, but to have to beg from strangers must be humiliating. I'm sure the cameras help get more positive responses than they otherwise would get, but it's not like asking a friend for a loan that you intend to repay.