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Thread: "Amazing Race" coming to DVD!!

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    I already have all 5 seasons on DVD, so I will only get the official one if it has some noteworthy extras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leew261
    I wouldn't suggest Ebay. I tried buying a copy of season one on there and got unwatchable tapes for my money. And from what I read elsewhere, I wasn't the only one. Much better to try to get a copy from someone who is a fan of the show.
    I don't know about your buying history, or who you bought from, but I have to give an opinion from the other extreme.. I only buy from people with really good ratings and ratings from a lot of people. Also, usually if a person with really good ratings is selling more than one copy, it's a good bet. I usually take my chances and really check everything out. I got Seinfeld before they were actually released and they're good quality. Chances are if somebody downloaded episodes online and they're an amateur, they'll not know to change the format of the episodes so when you watch their dvds, your computer software might not be compatible with theirs and you get problems. I'm not saying trust it completely, but just giving the other side.. I've found it reliable to an extent. Definitely better getting a copy from a fan or getting the official copy, but sometimes the sellers on ebay are fans, and if you don't want to wait or pay more, there are other options.

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    Ooh that's AWESOME! I was JUST saying to my bf the other day they should come out with those... I know we already know the outcomes and such but it's still fun to get to rewatch....

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    I don't mean to be a spoil-sport on the subject of Ebay and DVD copies, but until TAR comes out on DVD from a studio, the copies floating on Ebay and other websites should be considered illegal copies.

    While some may argue that it isn't "technically" illegal, it is perfectly legal to sell copies - VHS or DVD - as long as you do not attempt to profit from it. Charging for your time and materials (like VHS tapes or DVD discs) is legal, but attempting to profit from such copying, such as asking $40-50 is.

    While I'm not going to ask anyone not to purchase these copies, remember that by buying the official release, the studio(s) will know really how popular the series is. Last time I checked, Ebay doesn't track information like that.

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