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Thread: "Amazing Race" coming to DVD!!

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    I never saw season 1 so I'm definetly getting it! best news i've heard all day.

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    Although this is not what the actual DVD release will feature, but if I were in charge of the situation, here is how I would do it...

    For starters, I would include the 2nd season as well. The first season had 13 episodes; the 2nd had 11. That's a total of only 24 episodes, a full season for most series. That way, CBS (or whomever is putting out the set) could say customers were getting "2 Seasons for the price of 1", and charge around $35-40 (of course, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. would discount it even further).

    The 1st & 2nd season set would include 6 discs, 3 for each season.

    As far as extras: (the extras would be divided by season, of course)

    *episode commentary by Phil (of course), winning players and/or interesting or noteworthy contestants.

    *audition tapes of all the contestants on both seasons.

    *bonus footage cut from the broadcast episodes.

    *featurette on the "Making of Amazing Race" with producers giving a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making the reality series.

    *featurette titled "How to Get on the Race", with Phil, winning players, and/or interesting or noteworthy contestants telling us what they did to get cast on the series and offer hints for future applicants.

    Also, each disc would come in their own individual holder (like the recent CBS/Paramount releases of "Survivor: Borneo" & "All-Stars") featuring six individual covers. For instance, for a Season 1 disc, one of the three covers may consist of winners Rob and Brennan along with Phil.


    I realize the above information is probably just a pipe dream, but there's nothing wrong with an active imagination, is there?

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    Here is my wish for the DVD packaging. I hope that there are no spoilers on the packaging as to who wins, and who get's eliminated at each stage. The Survivor sets did that. But, having not seen seasons one, two, and three of TAR I'd like to be able to pick up the box without having the entire season spoiled before I watch it.

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    Just curious but would they also be available for renting, like at Blockbuster? I'm not one to buy a lot of dvd's, but rent contantly. I keep looking for Survivor at BB, but can't seem to find it.

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    You can rent online at Blockbuster, Walmart, or Netflix. They might have BB.
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    I can't wait. I didn't see much of Seasons 1, 2, and 3.... (just a couple eps here and there...)

    I don't even have the Survivor DVDs but I'd make sure I'd get the TAR ones!
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    Well I've lost interest in this series now that the B'ette is up and running and Jonathon keeps abusing Victoria sooo I doubt I'd buy the DVD, however I would love to see extra footage, esp deleted scenes from each team in seasons 1-5.
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    I would love a "choose a team" feature where you can choose your fave team and see only their parts of each leg. Would come in very handy for watching the current season (meaning no Jonathan!)

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    I loved season 1! I missed the first halves of both seasons 2&3, so maybe I'll finally be able to see those, too.
    And I sing sometimes like my life is at stake because you're only as loud as the noises you make.

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    I might not buy it... but it's so going in my Netflix queue!

    I'm not really sure how cool it would be to rewatch the episodes over and over again... I've found my dvd watching is much more different than my overall tastes in movies/tv. It's odd I know...

    But I'd probably buy it because I'd want to support the show. I always hear about shows that are saved because of high DVD sales, and although I doubt the Race is in danger (knock on wood), I'd want to do anything to keep it going.

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