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Thread: Has the original Roadblock rule Changed??

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    I think it is just clearly editing, otherwise what on earth would that Roadblock question be in the clue for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobC4Me
    I recall someone (Rebecca, maybe?) making a comment like "I'm eating the spicy soup" before opening the envelop, though I could be remembering wrong.

    Regardless, I have gotten the same impression, although I cannot justify it. At the very least, it seems like the teams are able to see others performing the activity before they decide. It seemed like this to me at the hay rolling incident. Correct me if I am wrong, I don't mind! In my opinion, they should make their judgement only from the cryptic clue, and should NOT be able to see those ahead of them. Half the fun is seeing their disappointment when they guess wrong and pick the wrong partner to complete the task!

    As an aside (and likely on wrong thread), I think that L&K should have been allowed to continue as long as Lena was willing and able. With all the equalizers and staggered operation hours, they may well have caught up. Conspiricy theories, anyone?

    Just some thoughts on your post......first of all with the clue, the "pre-clue" said something about spicing up your life. Well, the racers could probably deduce that since they were at a restaurant that it meant eating something spicy before even reading the actual clue.

    As far as L & K, they were last and since it was an elimination, there is NO way they could have caught up. I believe the next stop after the hay bail task was the pit stop. I don't see how hours of operation or whatever could have helped them.

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    While one might guess you would be eating something spicy, you would not specifically know that it was soup. Could be anything, unless you are familiar with Hungarian cuisine and know that they are famous for spicy soup.

    As for the L&K comment, I apologize for my error. I still feel the situation was unfair somehow, but everyone is correct that it was an elimination round and once all the other teams checked in, it didn't matter if they continued. I guess I was excited to see a female/female team with brains, ability, and personality and hoped that they will do better. Either that or my logic was blinded by the repugnance of Johnathan.

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