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Thread: TAR Ratings: Season 6 vs. other seasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott
    There's no team this season that I'm really rooting for or really rooting against. I don't like Hayden & Aaron (mostly Hayden) but I won't be screaming it's the end of the world if they cross the finish line first, as I've done in the past (Flo immediately comes to mind.) I'd love to see Kris & Jon or Lori & Bolo win the whole thing, but right now, I'd be happy with any team that won.
    I think TAR is doing a good job casting for all seasons even this one, i shared the same opinions of most of you that i didnt care who won and wasnt rooting for a specific team, but when you watch the show you actually like certain teams and dislike others. Thats why i think they did a good job casting. I wanted Lori and Bolo to take it this season, and I want Adam and Rebecca to win as well. I think each team is picked to appeal to a certain demographic group ... if that makes sense

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    The Finale Episode Ratings are in (preliminary)...

    According to Nielsen estimates, roughly 12.48 million people watched the season finale of "The Amazing Race" over the entire two hour period.

    That puts the TAR6 finale in 3RD place among finale episode, behind TAR1 and TAR5.

    The TAR6 finale saw a modest increase of roughly 500,000 viewers from the previous week (February 1).

    More importantly, for advertisers at least, TAR6 managed to beat the competition in the important demographic of Adults 18-49, the demo that all the networks jockey for position.

    Despite falling behind TAR5 in finale viewers, TAR6 managed to gain roughly 700,000 viewers compared to its premiere back in November (drawing 11.8 million viewers) and TAR6 will easily be the highest rated season thus far.

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    Hmm... So TAR6 was one of the most watched TAR season ever? Interesting... I only started watching the series from season three, and I thought TAR6 was quite boring with all the similar teams. I don't hate Jon and Vic, in fact, they are my favs, but the season is just boring. TAR5 is probably worse since I can't even remember who were in it. Maybe the 'pretty people' factor really attracted viewers. Which is not good, since TAR7 people are more... close to the commoners. Just hope that viewership will continue to be as good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by I_have_no_TV
    Don't you think TAR really took off when they started casting "slashes" (as in model/actress/waitress) or "ringers"? I think it does.

    It seems to me that as the series went along, they started casting more "hotties" who just happened to be aspiring- whatevers. But, I'm a bandwagon fan. I've only followed the last two seasons. Which, incidentally, were the highest-rated seasons, right?
    Actually, the ratings seemed to increase after they finally decided to put it in a decent time slot on a night that people would watch. The first few seasons, it was in a crappy slot on a lower viewing night and rarely had any commercials plugging it throughout the week. The fact that the loyal fan base remained consistant for a couple of years is the only reason the show was moved to a better slot - and it's why this past season was delayed so many times - they were waiting to see what shows weren't doing well, so they could slot AR in the dumped/moved show slot.


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