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Thread: Which Team Do You Like Most??? :)

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    After last night:
    1. Fred and Kendra
    2. Hayden and Aaron
    3. Lori and Bolo/Kris and Jon
    Last: Adam and Rebecca: They dont just whine but they are stupid and suck at racing.

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    Hayden n Aaron - they're strong competitors, but unlike Kris n Jon, they actually exhibit human flaws, like tempers, occassional bitchiness, and snarkiness, so I find them more real and easier to sympathize with.

    Lori n Bolo - they're crass, but Bolo is really adorable in some way. I do like how they're never mean to other people when they can so get away with it.

    Freddy n Kendra - dull people with dull minds, but I do find Kendra's candid ignorance amusing. And the way they fight over money is funny too.

    Rebecca n Adam - the way they verbally abuse each other during stressful situations is just a step above Jon n Victoria; Rebecca is constantly putting Adam down (as a Momma's Boy, as a "woman who can't do a man's job"), why is she with him then?

    Kris n Joh - they act like Phil will be handing out a congeniality award at the end of this show. I don't buy their constantly happy demeanor, it's just so forced. Is this race really that easy for them to deal with? Are they just too good for it? Are they being camera-conscious? Can we please see them stress over something? Because real human beings should not be that happy all the time.

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    My 2 cents for favorites in order of preference:

    1. Kris and Jon - I disagree that their comraderie is forced. They are probably just easy going and are enjoying the experience and I enjoy watching them. (Obviously, they get along too well for the editors thinking, because we rarely see them interact).

    2. Freddie and Kendra - I don't know why I like this couple. She is irritating, but I really like him. He is so gentle and good to her, although he is showing a bit of frustration with her lately.

    3. Lori and Bolo - this team cracks me up. She is a bitch, but he knows how to handle her. He does have a sort of adorable, dim bulb quality about him. And, she is the quintessential trailer trash blond.

    4. Hayden and Aaron - I can't stand her, but like him. She is worse than Lori and meaner to her man who doesn't deserve her rants.

    5. Rebecca and "Hellboy" Adam - These two are a joke. She treats him like dirt and he just keeps coming back for more abuse. I think he loves her because she is his surrogate mommy.

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    1. Adam & Rebecca. They're so dysfunctional that I can't help but love them. Rebecca kicks butt on the roadblocks and she's got a great sense of humour. Minus his temper tantrums, I have a soft spot for Adam.

    2. Lori & Bolo. I love teammates that are total equals in every way. They have their moments, but they're a married couple that love and respect one another.

    3. Kris & Jon. Never fight, always support one another and work together. Bland and boring, sometimes, but I like them.

    4. Hayden & Aaron. I like Aaron and his sense of humour. I never liked Hayden until this episode, but she was genuinely respectful and kind to everyone in Ethiopia, unlike...

    5. Kendra & Freddy. I just don't like her. I'm glad she had her epiphany, but she was the only one whining about returning to a third world country. I also didn't like her tantrum about being Yeilded. Like Colin and Christie last year, it's not about friendship, it's a game. Don't take it personally.
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    Freddy & Kendra have grown on me too. Last night I actually cared when I thought they were going to get eliminated after the yield..

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