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Thread: Which Team Do You Like Most??? :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    We all know that if every team was all nice and positive the show would get boring pretty fast. People like J and V make a GOOD TV. We need someone to hate and they give this to us.
    I've always been one to enjoy booing a villain, but Jonathan has gone over the edge...I can't stand the guy. If I didn't love the show so much, I wouldn't even watch anymore, but the less I see of him, the more I enjoy it. He can't get off the show fast enough for me. Omarosa could be mildly entertaining...there is nothing entertaining about Jonathan. Move along, Jonathan, you're blocking the view.....

    I adore Kris and Jon and hope they win.
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    Whell i am going to say my favorite is Hayden and Aaron i actually hated them the first episode because they seemed "fake" to me but then when they started the fight in the second episode i liked them more. They reminind of one of my favorite teams (Millie and Chuck). He is really laid back and she is the tense racer. It was shown in Berlin he is in the car sayd we r going to make some beers and makes a weird deep voice having fun, and she looks like she is sweating and looking out the back window to see if the driver is comming.

    My second favorite is really not a team but Freddy/Kendra and Rebecca. Rebecca has grown on me alot (Adam not so much) Fred and Kendra i have always liked.

    Then I like Lori and Bolo but really hated them last episode so they anr knocked down and Jon and Vic move up to third i dont know i just like them (I was a Tara and Will lover)

    Then i hate Adam and Lori and Bolo
    And i cant really rank Kris and Jon becuase we dont see them too much. And of what we have seen i think they are a little perfect and like no faults and not too fun to watch. But i guess i am a hypocrite because i like JV and Jill who also had no airtime but they were a little entertaining with her accent.
    And for the record i am a hypocrite becuase i have spoken openly about hating the casting of teams when i will be cheering for Amber and Rob next season because i love Amber. So next time i say something about hating the casted teams just tell me to shut up

    But the Five teams that have gotten eliminated three would have been top three. MEri and MAria, Lena and Krsity, and Gus and Hera. Avi and Joe were gone to soon. And Don and MJ i just never really liked i think there were much better older people on the race.
    But my order of al 11 teams would be
    1. Meredith and Maria
    2. Gus and Hera
    3. Lena and Krsity
    4. Hayden and Aaron
    5. Fred and Kendra
    6. Jon and Victoria
    7. Adam and Rebecca
    8. Kris and Jon
    9. Don and MJ
    10. Avi and Joe
    11. Lori and Bolo
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    Then I like Lori and Bolo
    Then i hate Adam and Lori and Bolo
    I can't follow you.

    And... you think Meredith and Maria would have made the final three? While I thought the girls were likeable, I didn't see one ounce of racing skill in either one of them. From getting lost going to the first task.. to blindly following another team.. to being unable to drive a stick... to being completely and totally emotional.. I just don't see a skilled team.

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    Kris and Jon have got an amazing threshold of smiles for a race as stressful as this. As someone else said, they manage to find fun and something to laugh about every time. I'm loving their attitude and hoping they'd win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaphrella
    Each of my favorites has been eliminated. This means my new favorites, Lori and Bolo, will be gone next time.
    *cry* cant you like Jon/Vic this week!!

    I like Kris and Jon a great deal and Lori and Bolo are my second Faves. I'd love to see Kris and Jon win.. I think they would be most appreciative of this win.. as they have been in the countries through out this trip.

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    kris & jon - they actually take a moment to notice beauty of every country/city they visit. No one else seems to notice. They are fun-loving and nice. I fear elimination for these two because nice guys seem to finish last on Amazing Race.

    lori & bolo - they've grown on me. Not the brightest bulbs but have a likability.

    rebecca & adam - I can't fault her for being sick of adam. He's a tenderfoot. The fact that he still lives with his Mom says alot about the guy. Next week's preview's of him in the deep sea diving suit - fearing for his life saying "I love you Mom" tells you who is the number one lady in his heart.

    hayden & aaron - She's annoying.

    freddy & kendra - She's insensitive but I'm not sure he really care what she thinks.

    vic & jon - Jon is the worst player every. He is abusive to Victoria. She is so whipped and beaten down by him I find it more difficult to watch them from week to week. If they ever get eliminated a cheer will go across America!

    I liked lena & kristy the best from the get go - that roadblock was the last straw for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireWoman
    *cry* cant you like Jon/Vic this week!!
    I wish I could, but the very thought of it gets caught in my throat as if I were trying to say it and it was a huge hairball. Karma would know I was trying to do an endrun around her. Karmic revenge on my attempt at fooling her would be that * would win. No. I can't even let * enter my mind: a phantom throaty hairball immediately forms and I start horking.

    In response to some other comments by other posters:

    * doesn't play me like a violin. * doesn't entertain me. * has killed my rabid enjoyment of this show. I used to panic at the thought of missing a live broadcast because tape just wasn't the same. I don't even care when it is on anymore. I used to look forward to Tuesdays for the show and the resultant lack of sleep because of the time spent on the boards afterward. Not anymore.

    The show is still on as background to whatever else I'm doing: reading, knitting, getting ready for the next morning, etc. Tape is running in case I miss anything good. But I didn't look up much on Tuesday. The thought of missing it brings an "enh" now, not panic. I'm neutral in looking forward to TAR 7. If I catch it, fine; if not, equally fine- nothing missed AFAIC. The race is just about dead to me. All of it because of the current horror. Thanks to *. * is no villain. * is simply Vile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    I can't follow you.

    And... you think Meredith and Maria would have made the final three? While I thought the girls were likeable, I didn't see one ounce of racing skill in either one of them. From getting lost going to the first task.. to blindly following another team.. to being unable to drive a stick... to being completely and totally emotional.. I just don't see a skilled team.
    Sorry i meant my top three favorite teams.

    And sorry about my horrible writing skills. But i was trying to say i used to like lori and bolo and after the last episode i just dont like them as much. And I just dont like Adam but i like Rebecca.

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    I think Freddy/Kendra, Hayden/Aaron & Kris & Jon are too close to being the same person. If the final three comes down to them, it would be incredibly boring!
    I have to agree, that Jonathan is a complete jerk, but come on, what would anyone have to complain about if he wasn't there?
    I truly can't believe that Rebbecca was ever interested in such a grown up baby like Adam!
    Lori and Bolo have their moments, but over all I think they are my favorites of those left.
    I really wish that Lena and Kristy had lasted longer than they did and I will truly miss Gus and Hera! I was not sad to see Don and MJ go, they were awfully annoying.

    Top 3:
    1. Lori & Bolo
    2. Rebbecca (if she can drag Adam along)
    3. Kris & Jon

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    I love Jon and Kris, just like most everybody else. For the people who don't like them because they seem too perfect, I just don't understand. Kris and Jon aren't perfect at all. They don't have a fake personality and they're not overly nice (like, to the point of just being annoying). What they are is a nice team that doesn't get stressed out over the situations the race presents. They are also a strong team that consistently pulls strong finishes. When compared to the likes of Jonathan, they do seem like saints. But Jon and Kris are like any nice couple I know. And, combined with their good racing, they deserve to win.

    Jonathan and Victoria don't really deserve my attention. They're at the botomm of my list. And even though I feel sorry for Victoria because of the relationship she has with Jonathan, I don't like I would find myself liking her under normal circumstances.

    Adam and Rebecca are an interesting team. Both racers have their moments when I can't help but love them. Rebecca demolishing the RoadBlock last episode, Adam saying how he loves his mom before his RoadBlocks...those are things I won't forget from this race. Unfourtunately they're not doing spectacular race-wise, and I think we can expect to see them go soon.

    I don't care too much about Hayden and Aaron or Freddy and Kendra. While I like the former simply because of Kendra's princess attitude and Freddy temper tantrum, I wouldn't like to see either of them win.

    Lori and Bolo don't deserve to win, and I don't think they will. Their 1st place finish this last episode was just dumb luck. And I would like to emphasize the word "dumb" in that phrase.

    As far as past teams go, I like Lena and Kristy because I think they had some race potential. However, they left early because of their bad luck. Don and Mary Jean are a nice couple, but I don't think I lke them as much as the grandparents from last years. Bob and Joyce were good racers that lost because of their plane arrangements. Don and Mary Jean lost because they could not compete with the other racers. Avi and Joe didn't especially shine on me for the leg they were around for. Mereditha and Maria's short time on the race showed that they were just too weak to stick around, and their personality didn't really win me over. Gus and Hera were nice, and I think they had a pretty good attitude throughout the race. They also managed to pull some good finishes.

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