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Thread: Which Team Do You Like Most??? :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Of the teams left I will be thrilled, THRILLED if Kris and Jon win the whole thing. It wouldn't bother me in the least of Adam and Rebecca or Lori and Bolo win it. If those three were in the final three, I'd be very happy.
    Kris & Jon and Gus & Hera are my favourites. Since G & H are gone I'm all for K & J now. But, like Cali above, I wouldn't mind if Lori & Bolo or Adam and Rebecca won. I really don't want Jonathan and Victoria to win (well, Jonathan, mainly) or Freddy & Kendra. I'm ambivalent about Hayden & Aaron winning (though I do dislike Hayden).

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    it would be nice they finished in this order (my fav to my least fav of the remaining teams):

    1. kris/jon
    2. rebecca/adam
    3. lori/bolo
    4. hayden/aaron
    5. freddy/kendra
    6. vic/jon

    i was extremely sad to see gus/hera, don/mj, and lena/kristy go...i certainly would much rather those three teams still be in the race other than h/a, f/k, and j/v.

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    I really love Kris and Jon, I hope they do well. Lori and Bolo are also starting to grow on me!

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    I like:
    Kris and Jon
    Lori and Bolo

    The rest I can't stand.

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    Gone, all gone.

    Each of my favorites has been eliminated. This means my new favorites, Lori and Bolo, will be gone next time.

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    I absolutely adore Kris and Jon. I like Lori/Bolo. Too bad Aaron and Freddy can't dump their partners and race together. Rebecca and Adam are growing on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGal
    I absolutely adore Kris and Jon. I like Lori/Bolo. Too bad Aaron and Freddy can't dump their partners and race together. Rebecca and Adam are growing on me.
    I agree with all of your choices including Aaron dumping Hayden and Freddy dumping Kendra.

    Kris and Jon - very cute couple. They are good natured and find fun, adventure and something to like about every environment they are in.

    Lori and Bolo - funny couple. Not the brightest lights in the brains dept., but amusing.

    Rebecca and Adam - strange relationship. She mothers him and he just adores her, even when she insults him. Someone called them hobbits - very accurate.

    Freddy is a good boyfriend to Kendra and she doesn't deserve him - what a snobbish princess she is.

    Aaron is very athletic and seems like an okay guy - Hayden is a bitch.

    Jonathan and Victoria - he is the most hated racer of all time - abusive and obnoxious. She is a victim and needs rescuing.

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    I have a feeling that V and J staged their TAR appearance to the tee.

    We all know that if every team was all nice and positive the show would get boring pretty fast. People like J and V make a GOOD TV. We need someone to hate and they give this to us.

    ANY advertising is a good advertising. This is the way we will remeber this team. Maybe this is exactly what they are looking for. They don't eventually need money (looks like it by the clips with a push car, etc). So what they are here in TAR for is the Recognition effect which will help John in his business, whatever it is.

    From all reality TV I've ever seen, the most ridiculous was the Big Brother ep when one of the contestants (I'm going blank on names, he is the restaurant owner in LA) proposed to another BB player, Krista was her name I think. Everybody watching were " so excited", and then I read that they staged it so people would remember him better. Apparently it worked! His restaurant is extremely popular in LA now.

    Anyway, my point is. Maybe some of TAR contestants, especially John and Victoria jus played the viewers like violins. You want some vilians on the show, here you have them. Just don't forget who they are!

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    i like kris and jon a little

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    Once they started getting screen time I grew to like Kris & Jon.

    I'm definitely in the minority with this one, but I like Hayden and don't like Aaron.

    Lori & Bolo started to grow on me, but after I saw Bolo's cerebral palsy impression I changed my mind and went back to not liking them.

    Adam and Rebecca are likeable in a strange disfunctional sort of way.

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