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Thread: TAR ratings question

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    TAR ratings question

    Where could I find the ratings by episode & season of TAR? I know some sites that are pay sites might keep that info. I am just wondering how much TAR's ratings have been going up since the first season. I noticed that "Bachelor" and "Apprentice" started strong and are on the way down to the ratings dumpster. "Survivor" holds about 19 million per week but this last season it has been slipping a little. I think the delay in S10 is more to keep people from getting sick of it like they did of "Millionaire." But as a general rule TAR just slowly works up the ladder. "Friends" started that way - nobody watched the first year.

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    I dont know a sight but i believe it has stayed over 11 million viewers exept the past two episode that were somewhere with 10 million viewers.

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    A fan has developed a website dealing with the individual ratings for each season of "Amazing Race". The address is...


    However, ratings information for season 6 is not yet posted, but information about the previous five seasons are available.

    Also, you may be thinking of a different comedy series. "Friends" was a hit from the first time it aired, back in September 1994. During its first season, the series was ranked at No. 8 (along with CBS's defunct "Murder, She Wrote"), and was NBC's third most popular series, behind "Seinfeld" and "ER".

    Perhaps you are thinking of "Seinfeld", instead of "Friends". "Seinfeld", which first aired in May 1990 didn't appear in the Nielsen Top 10 until the end of the 1993-94 season when it soared to No. 3 (thanks to airing post-"Cheers"). By the way, "Seinfeld" never left the top 3 for the rest of its run (ending in May 1998), as it was ranked either 1st or 2nd from September 1994 to May 1998.

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    You are right about getting Friends and Seinfeld mixed up. I never was a big Seinfeld fan for some reason.

    I could not get the above link to work .

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    The website shouldn't have "www" in front of it.

    This link should work...


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    I would be that "fan" (some would say fanatic), and here is a link to my TAR charts webpages


    Most charts are currently updated through TAR6, Leg6a.


    I'll try to stay more on top of updating the charts.
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