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Thread: 12/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I thought the clues were yellow laminated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Ranger
    I must be the only one who is laughing when I see or hear Jonathon. Someone with that much energy, and using it the wrong way, it just cracks me up. It's like he's a Rage-aholic on a sugar bender. Funny stuff!
    Jonathan makes me mad when he berates Victoria and especially when he shoved her. But for the most part, his character makes me laugh. That voice and those silly speeches of him are just laughable. He is like an obnoxious cartoon character.

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    Maybe the producers placed more than 1 clue card for each team (1/4 of all hay bales instead of less than 1/10).
    As I recall, there were twenty clues hidden among the bales.
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