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Thread: TAR6 Prediction Game Week 6

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    First: Kris & Jon
    Last: Rebecca and Adam

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    TAR6 Semifinalist

    My buddy and I were semifinalists for TAR6 and it kills us to watch this season. The locales, that strapper Jonathon would have had his ass kicked by one us... Great season thus far!

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    First - Hayden and Aaron
    Last - Freddy & Kendra

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    1st - Kris & Jon (can't bring myself to put Jon/Victoria though I think they may win this one :phhht )
    Last: Adam & Rebecca - I would go for Lori/Bolo but previews suggest the challenges don't require much thinking so they should be safe. :rolleyes

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    Finally, a pretty tough decision for this season. Kris and Jon have been consistently strong all season, and chances are good that they'll finish well again this episode. But after their mistakes last episode, they might not be able to catch up to the first place spot and net the most points. Hayden and Aaron and Jonathan and Victoria appear to be pretty good teams, and either one has a chance of getting a first place finish. Freddy and Kendra haven't done well for most of the race, but they managed a first place finish last episode that might continue for another leg. Gus and Hera have made some poor race decisions at many points, but they occasionaly pull to the front of the pack for a solid finish. Lori and Bolo have also not been doing well for most of the race, but they still have the potential to finish early. Rebecca and Adam have finished pretty poorly ever leg, but always manage to escape elimination. So how will this next episode turn out?

    First to Arrive: Kris and Jon. There has been quite a lot of bunching this season, and Kris and Jon seem to come out of these equalizers ahead. I can definately see them being bunched with the other teams early in the leg. From there they have good chances of getting a lead and finishing 1st, simply because of the strong racing skills they have displayed at many points during the race. Of course, this prediction may be biased based on the fact that I just love Kris and Jon, but I really do think they can do well again in this leg.

    Last and Philiminated: Adam and Rebecca. Truthfully, I don't think this team will arrive last. I see some other team falling behind and getting the 7th place finish. But that Philiminated team could be anybody, and I don't want to risk a guess and have it be really off. Adam and Rebecca have a bad race history, and chances are they will finish at the bottom of the pack again this episode.

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    First: Hayden/Aaron
    Last: Adam/Rebecca

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    First: Kris and Jon
    Last: Lori and Bolo

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    First Kris and Jon
    Last Lori and Bolo


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    First - Jonathan & Victoria

    Last - Lori & Bolo

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    First: Lori and Bolo
    Last: Freddy and Kendra

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