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Thread: Roadblock limits?

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    Did everyone forget about Tian & Jaree? I think Tian did all the Roadblocks while Jaree is busy being disgusted by the dirtiest thing she encounters.

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    Tian was probably worried about starting a fight with Jaree and thats why chose to do all the roadblocks(was it all the rb?).

    I think many of the previous racers would have been relieved that the new rule was only implemented this season, especially Colin. At least now we see more people participating in the roadblocks which of course can be detrimental to the teams, but it just makes it more fun for us to watch. But even with this rule, i don't think it would harm most of the teams, like Kris and Jon & Lori and Bolo because they are all in good shape and good condition
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    What would happen to poor Nicole if she were forced to do 6 RB!! Just plain worried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destron
    Did everyone forget about Tian & Jaree? I think Tian did all the Roadblocks while Jaree is busy being disgusted by the dirtiest thing she encounters.
    This was something that was actually discussed in the interview John did with them:

    Tian, you performed every single roadblock. Was that planned?

    Tian: Jaree wasn't feeling well, and she's also a vegetarian, so whenever something came up that sounded like it could be eating, I did the roadblock because she wouldn't eat it.

    Jaree: The first couple of weeks of the race, I had the flu, and they didn't show that either. They actually wanted to pull me from the race because I had such a high fever and was so sick. But I wasn't going to quit the race, so I went against doctor's orders and kept on racing. The one roadblock I wish I would have done was the bulls. I could do everything Tian did, but it was just better for her to do them. Thank god she did the bungee, though. I don't know if I'd have done that. With the eels, I thought it was gonna have to eat it, and I wasn't going to eat it.

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    I was really miffed at the end of last season when the Bowling Moms had to do 2 tasks that required upper body strength (the bridge climb and the rock wall) so close to the end. By the final few episodes the remaining teams should be neck and neck and in almost any other type of task the moms would have had plenty of time to beat Colin to the finish. I think that is why the limit on how many roadblocks AND why we're seeing more women who are STRONG instead of just looking cute. Heaven knows Lori probably woulda demolished Colin (ah happy thought).
    Fear Factor's first season was bad about this too...the women would go head to head with the men, say hanging from a helicopter in round 1 and a LOT of the time no girls would make it to Round 2--now they tend to divide strength tasks up by gender. I think they are just trying to adjust to make the playing field FAIR but not LEVEL.

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    First off, let me start by saying that I love this new rule because it emphasizes further that this race is supposed to be about team play.

    That said, here's my analysis of how well the remaning teams have adjusted to the new rule:

    Freddy & Kendra - Although I despise this team (more particularly Kendra), I'd have to say that they've adjusted well to the roadblock limit. Kendra doing the zip line and the pink lake challenges was really a good call. Although Freddy doesn't strike me as a guy who would kick ass on physical challenges (ala Colin last season), at least he's saving himself for the long haul...if they get there.

    Hayden & Aaron - Good call on letting Hayden ride the soap box. Aaron seems like an extremely athletic guy who would breeze past strength and speed challenges.

    Gus & Hera - They have an obvious handicap in the physical challenges, but their decisions on who should do the roadblocks have been spot on so far. But it really doesn't matter, since neither Gus nor Hera would really be an advantage going to more physical and demanding challenges.

    Lori & Bolo - This rule doesn't really affect them since it seems as though both are equally capable of doing any type of roadblock.

    Kris & Jon - Same as Lori & Bolo, Kris looks just as fit as Jon that it really doesn't matter much for them...although Kris would be a disadvantage in strength challenges.

    Jonathan & Victoria - Victoria has done one roadblock so far, and that is not good. She doesn't seem like a really strong woman, and often seems to tire easily.

    Adam & Rebecca - Adam has no obvious strengths, but he should have let Rebecca do the zipline challenge at least.

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    In an interview with TV Guide, Kristy said that she wanted to take over for Lena after the first hour.
    Is it OK to switch?
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    No, they can't switch.

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    Hope Gus doesnt do the roadblock next week...for his sake
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    I was about halfway through analyzing the teams' Roabblock decisions throughout the race so far when I realized something: it is impossible to determine who made good choices about what team member should perform the Roadblock. Teams that chose the more physical member of their team for the physical challenges didn't necesarily make the right decision; it may have been smarter to have the other team member do it, and take more time completing it now, in order to let the most physical member of the team do the later Roadblocks were elimination and winning the race could rely on how quickly they finish. Teams that let the non-physical member of their team do non-physical tasks may have been in the wrong, as having a physical member do it more quickly might have given the team a certain lead that could help them in the future legs of the race. No matter what choice a team makes, it might end up being the wrong one. This sheds a new light on this new Roablock rule, as it is apparent now that choosing the right person for a Roadblock is really an impossible decision. Everything is so circumstantial, and this new rule forces teams to think about every circumstance. But no choice works out for every circumstance.

    Nevetheless, I still think the Roadblock rule was a good decision. How it will affect the race as a whole is still up in the air. But at least every person in the race is now guarenteed to pull their weight, and this is a good thing. Imagine what would have happened if this rule was in place during season 3. I can assure you that we would have had different winners, and probably a winning team that more people could have been happy with. If all this rule manages to do is prevent future Flo's from winning TAR, than it's ok in my book. We'll leave the million dollar prizes for the teams that are good teams, not the teams that have one good racer.

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