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Thread: TAR7 Includes the return of...*SPOILER*

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    I don't hate Rob & Amber, but I don't want to see them get yet another shot at a million dollars. They've already had a combined total of 4 chances between them (with one win) . Give someone else a chance for crying out loud!
    Exactly, and the one other reason I don't want to see them go on here. I doubt they'll be the Rob and Amber we know from Survivor, because they can't form alliances or make false promises to people as gullable as Lex in order to stick around. They'll just be another couple, and imo a boring one.

    And I have to disagree with JR in that I'd rather see 22/24 all-model teams before seeing these two again. They're no different than those famewhores.

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    Regardless of who is on TAR7, stick with me on the date thing.

    Maybe they want TAR7 ready to air in Spring after TAR6 concludes.

    They probably want to avoid being gone filming during Xmas, and don't want to wait until AFTER Xmas to start.

    So, they try to squeeze it in between TG and Xmas.

    The rumor posted here reads that they'll be leaving LAX for a location. That is not the same as the race starting.

    All Races have left LAX for a location -- that location being the start city. Remember the Racers are in LA for a week or so of "training".

    So, maybe they fly out on Tues to avoid TG air traffic. Hold them in start city on Wed, Thu. (Give them all a nice big fat turkey dinner, get 'em all tired on the tryptophan(sp).) Then start the Race on Fri. I've flown on TG night and Fri after, and neither is heavy like Wed/Sat/Sun of TG weekend.

    And, they could be home by Xmas.

    Regarding Rob/Amber. I'm not a fan of either. I grew tired of them on ASS, but still watched most if not every episode, and it's not anywhere near favorite show status. So, they would be preRace dislikes of mine, but NO Team makes or breaks the Race. Not Donny/Alison, not Colin/Christie or Charla/Mirna (choose your camp). Not pASSionate Jonathan.

    They're all just bit parts in a wonderful show. Good ones, we'll love forever. Bad ones, who cares, they're gone, there'll be new ones next time.

    And this comes from a somewhat bitter, never-called, rejected applicant. Their loss.
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    Thanks, TAR4 ATC Dave and TAR4 ATCSteve!

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    I for one got a kick out of Rob. He would make me giggle, don't know why. Maybe all those white teeth and that accent. Whatever. Couldn't stand Amber though...gah. If they were on I would definitely watch! No individual team could keep me away from my favorite show! Imagine all of those who tuned out last season because of A/D...they missed one of the best races ever run, and the BEST team to win the whole thing, IMO. It would be a shame to let one team ruin the whole thing for you. Think about it...wouldn't it be more fun to root for them to be kicked off? I would imagine that the other teams running with them would conspire to get them off...knowing they had already won a whack of cash between them. It would be a hoot!

    Not that I actually believe they are going to be on, but I do remember reading an interview after ASS where they said they were both big fans of AR.

    Bring on whoever, I'll watch AR.

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    Well at least Rob and Amber are fans of the show. Looking at you Aliwhore!! She and Donny had never even HEARD of the show.

    I would feel a little better if R&A won and donated every cent to charity or helped the losing racers pay some bills. That would be ok. Yes, they stole a spot...but you know if it brings in some extra 5 mil Survivor viewers and keeps the show going 5 more years + it'd be worth it. I know my former friend would watch, he is in love with Amber. Maybe they'll have 12 teams and R&A were the extra team or something. It would be fun to see them lose their stuff and break up. No televised wedding.

    I mean I can't fault them for wanting to do the greatest reality show. And hey if you guys watched Alison, you gotta watch them...they're not as bad as her. They're also better looking than her slutty self. Eww Alison was gross!

    You KNOW they would get yielded. All the anamosity between them and the other teams who wanna see their already won a mill outta here would create a great story I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    If it's true.. The worst news could be only if TAR7 includes Omarosa ...
    NOW talk about nightmares...
    I actually wouldn't mind that simply because I can't imagine Omarosa surviving in such hectic fast environment and it'd be great to watch her suffer. She'd be whining about everything and wouldn't do any of the roadblocks. But who would want to race with her anyways?

    I stopped watching survivor after Australia, and during my viewing time of Amber I hated her, so I'm not too thrilled about this rumor myself.

    But I'm loyal to AR and will watch it.

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    NO NO NO!!
    I have had way too much of them!!

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    I have two major beefs with this. First of all, I don't buy the notion that Romber can help TAR's ratings. Alison didn't particularly help TAR 5's ratings.

    When you've been on a show once, you're done. Recycling is good for garbage, but not people on reality TV. Once is okay. Twice, you're a fame-whore. Thrice - get yourself a Screen Actor's Guild membership card. No person should ever appear in more than once in any reality show, period.

    Another issue I have is that doing an All-Star/celebs version is that it just doesn't work with the way the show works. They're not in the middle of nowhere. They have to use the same facilities the rest of us do. The trouble with an All-Star/celeb version is - people know who they are. Romber have both been on Survivor twice. They're not exactly anonymous. It adds a dynamic that this show does not need.

    Whoever thought up the idea of an All-Star/celeb version is positively clueless about the show. But then again, this is CBS were talking about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    If they really are on.... I'd watch it anyway, still...

    I mean, I hated Alison but I still watched the show! Good thing they were the second team gone....

    I wouldn't boycott my favorite show just because of one team!
    yeah i second that, why should we give up our favorite show for a team, although i do hope this rumor about romber isnt true

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    If they're having an all-star TAR, at least have people FROM past seasons of TAR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL

    They should have picked Zaius - judging by his picture he is quite attractive. Kidding! It would be cool if they picked Zaius though, or any of the more "normal" people who applied.
    LMAO at the thought of someone in an Orangatan suit in the amazing race. (Muffled voice)"Oh great, I have to pee. Can we get an hour handicap, please?"

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