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Thread: TAR7 Includes the return of...*SPOILER*

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    But as I read these posts, I'm finding some comfort in hoping it can't be true.

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    From the one who posted the spoiler

    The show airs at 3pm Eastern time.

    BTW, notice that I did specify that the racers would be leaving after Tuesday afternoon. This radio show is precisely why I made the statement.

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    Rob was a no show at the chat! They could have already left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    If it's true, and I doubt it is, then they've lost a hard-core viewer for TAR7.
    I second that!

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    I'd like to see Rob and Amber *dodges flying pumpkin pies, turkey drumsticks and hot giblet gravy*. Given the premise of the race, I would like to see how they work together. There would be less chances for alliances and all the back stabbing.
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    If they wanted to do an entire season of cross overs from different reality shows, I could handle that. But I just don't like how they stick these famewhores on here with a bunch of people who've never done a reality show before. Whether Alison helped in the ratings or not who knows, but she lasted for two episodes, so that didn't work out well. And BVM had said he didn't think they would ever do anything like that again.

    I'm still not sure I believe this. I know Sucks was right with the New Zealand spoiler for TAR5, but there were a bunch of rumors out there that Mirna & Charla were in the final 3, and that Alison & Donny in the final 6.

    ETA: So know this guy says he talked to them? Isn't that against the rules?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic-TARmaniac
    Rob was a no show at the chat! They could have already left.
    Now that he was a no show at the chat, I do believe the guy at amazingracesucks who said he saw them leaving on 11/20, headed to Peru. He said he talked to them and took a picture, and says he will post the picture. I guess we'll see if he does.

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    I'm in minority here, I loved Rob and Amber.
    I don't know though how much they could bring to TAR. It would be interesting to see how they would react to the stress of TAR.
    I think they could do really well.


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    I have seen Rob in so many things over the past year, always with dearest Ahmbuhr at his side. He was at the World Series of Poker, and I think I actually saw him in the Ironman this weekend.
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    If true,...

    While Disgusted that they are taking up a slot that could go to a "regular" team, or at least another pair of unknown models... it will be just as enjoyable to root against them as it is to root against J&V this season or Alison last season, and slightly less taxing on the ear drums.

    All this begs the question though, Why does CBS not understand that the format of this show is what draws the viewers in. The tension and stress can cause even healthy relationships to crack, and they are pretty adept at finding couples with unhealthy relationships.

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