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Thread: TAR7 Includes the return of...*SPOILER*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo
    I don't like the sound of this...
    Well, TAR9 returns to it's original format.

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    I would like to think Romber won't make it far on AR7, but teams I greatly dislike seem to make it much further than I would like - and, in cases like Flo and Kendra - make it to the end.

    I would much rather see naked Richard and bitter Sue coupled up as an AR team - at least they have some personality. :rolleyes

    Let's see - with Romber on AR7 (and given the direction the AR producers are taking the show - a downward spiral let's-toss-the-original-spirit-of-the-show-and-make-it-like-every-other-reality-show direction), I'm guessing AR8 teams will include:

    1. Rob and Amber (yes, only now they will be newlyweds!)
    2. Martha Stewart and her cellmate
    3. The insane African-American woman from last year's The Apprentice and the guy with the bowtie (from last year or this year)
    4. Jonathan and Dr. Phil
    5. Regis and Kelly Rippa
    6. A model couple
    7. An actor couple
    8. A model/actor couple
    9. A parent and the son/daughter they misunderstand
    10. America's Next Top Model and the Project Runway Winner
    11. A token nice team
    12. Bridgette Nielson (sorry about the spelling!) and Flavor Flav

    Please, please, please bring back real people! I miss the AR of old.

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    Good. It's a twist which I don't think will work very well, but we'll have to see.

    Here are some of the other team descriptions from that article:

    Ron Young, a former POW in Iraq whose helicopter was shot down, and Kelly McCorkle, a former Miss South Carolina beauty pageant queen.

    Susan and Patrick Vaughn, the first mother/son team. She's a starchy college law professor; he's a gay writer in Hollywood who seeks her acceptance.
    Are all the parent/child teams on TAR having some sort of problem? Seriously, it seems that way.

    - Uchenna and Joyce Agu, formerly bankrupt and unemployed, casualties of corporate scandals: He lost his job at Enron; she was laid off by Worldcom.
    Boy, that's what you call tough luck.

    - Married couple Meredith and Gretchen Smith, retirees who, at 69 and 66, respectively, are Race's all-time oldest team.
    The obligatory old team, so chances are they're Philimnated around leg four or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theschnauzers
    If you paid any attention to the season seven preview that was shown at the end of the finale, one of the Racers for season seven was decribed as a formwe POW in Iraq.

    Because I used to live in the metro area of his hometown, I can identify that Racer as Ron Yong (or Ronald Young, Jr., as he was mentioned in the news media.) He was an Apache helicopter pilot who was shot down during a mission early in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was liberated shortly before Bagdhad fell. After he recovered from injuries in the crash, he left the military, and among other things was a special consultant/correspondent for CNN last year, and also appeared in People magazine in late 2003 as one of America's 50 most eligible bachelors. Wish I could find a scan of the People magazine shot.
    Wow! You mean they picked someone who hasn't been flashed around the media a lot already? :rolleyes I'm not a sarcastic person in general, but the past few seasons of AR casting trends have driven me to it. The casting is getting ridiculous. With the millions of people in this country, you would think they would be able to find 16 "common" people who want to run the race because they love the race, not because they are media wh@res. (and, yes, people who have served valiantly in the military can still be media wh@res. )

    Which part of "15 minutes" is confusing?

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    Well i'm not gonna let the Rob & Amber issue try to stop me from watching TAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by quangtran
    Stunning news people! CBS are currently casting TAR8, but it's not an All-star edition like everyone thought. Teams no-longer travel in pairs. They travel in fours. And kids from the age of 12 can come too. Maybe some people heard of it already, but this is news to me. Sounds really interesting.

    Oh hell no...new TAR with 150% more whining and 100% less interesting challenges...I won't watch if this is true.
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokimeki
    If it is true, there would be tooooooo many people
    11*4=44 people at the start
    There will be fewer teams (thank goodness!!)

    Romber got about ten seconds of face time in the promo for TAR7, and when Phil wasn't reminding us that they were on Survivior, Rob felt obligated to tell us twice more. If they MUST race, let it be for the adventure or for the money, but not because their first 15 minutes are fading.
    "The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination."
    --Marion Zimmer Bradley

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    Susan and Patrick Vaughn, the first mother/son team. She's a starchy college law professor; he's a gay writer in Hollywood who seeks her acceptance.
    This sounds like another Dennis/Andrew team. Aside from Romber, I will say that the new teams announced sound interesting. And they casted another pageant girl.

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    Up until the previews of last night's show, I was planning to watch. After seeing that Rob packed plenty of his arrogance into his backpack, I changed my mind. Someone please PM me when they're Philiminated. Until then, the show, the producers and their advertisers won't get my viewership. Period.

    Their presence on this show cheapens it to a degree far, far worse than Donny & Alison. As such, it isn't The Amazing Race. Until the real TAR gets back on the air, this is some other fly-by-night reality show attempting to get viewers.

    I have a unique understanding of the television show business (have close friends who work high-up in a predominant reality-show production company) and thoroughly understand the producers' reasons behind doing this (the high ratings of everyone's hatred of them during Survivor AS). I know I'm only one viewer and for every one of me there are 2 of those (for psychological reasons) who will only watch at the hope they see Romber Philiminated. I submit to those on this site that you are the ones in control of your psyche and not the producers. If you don't like who they have cast, then don't watch. My hopes aren't high that others will do the same, but I'm not a sheep. Sorry.

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    Rob and Amber on TAR:7. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

    I hated "broccoli rabe" (aka Boston Rob) on Survivor and I will hate his ass on TAR:7!

    Who's next? Omarosa, her hubby, and their moms on TAR:8?

    Please, enough with the "recycled reality-star" schtick!!!

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