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Thread: Lori and Bolo

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    ... I'm having conflicting opinions about these two. I really like them, but then at the same time, I don't think it was necessary for them to complain about not being first this early in the race... they'll be equalized again soon enough. But I agree with ima about the fact that they both yell, and she's pretty darn strong too At least the abuse in the relationship goes two ways

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    to dfleming. I really wanted to hate them, but they're so amusing - I loved the way they were throwing each other around in the snow.

    *threadjack* Ima, your sig line is cracking me up. *end threadjack*
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    to dfleming. I really wanted to hate them, but they're so amusing - I loved the way they were throwing each other around in the snow.
    I really like this team. I think they will be very entertaining this season. I can handle their yelling better than Jonathon's for some reason, maybe because they both yell so much.

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    I like them too, but Lori seems to argue even after they're done arguing. That bugs. I enjoyed it when they were rolling around in the snow, but were they in snow or on an ICE Glacier? I kept thinking that would hurt!
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    I just love this team. Man, they are amusing, cool, and competitive. I don't care how much they argue, like Bolo said, that is their way of showing love. Pro Wrestlers aren't going to say' Hey baby this ,Hey baby that or you're sweet, no you're sweeter. They are just fantastic!
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    They seem so cool! I loved it when they were wrestling in the snow!

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    Easily my favorite team. The thing about this team regarding screaming at each other is, they know how to dish it, but they also know how to take it. Neither of them is going to start crying because the other one yelled at them.

    I really hope they make it far, they seem like will.

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    I'm joining the Bolo/Lori love parade. I don't even know why! I don't find them attractive, and I don't like the way they keep bickering for no apparent reason. Beyond that, though, they have vivid personalities that seem perfectly suited to the careers they have chosen. I think that one of the key things to remember - if, indeed, I am remembering this correctly is that they are wrestling VILLAINS. The villains (from what I surmise, to be honest I don't care for wrestling, but I like it that it's out there for others) always seem to be bigger than life, always talking crap, not flinching even from looking dumb, if they are being true to their characters. That is these guys all over. The bickering and yelling seems evenly matched, not abusive, like that awful Jonathan and his punching bag wife. It also seems to be delivered with tongue in cheek.

    Plus, I loved it when they decided to start wrestling on the glacier, and Lori pulled her jacket and top off, and she was already wearing a bikini top underneath! Way to be ready for any occasion, Lori! I do worry, though, that they could accidentally injure themselves fooling around like that, and deal themselves a major disadvantage in the game.

    I look forward to their antics, and I hope that they stay around for awhile.

    PS - how can you not love a guy that said one of their major strengths will be their "suav-ey in the streets"?

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    I like them, Bolo more than I do Lori. They seem to be genunine nice people, but of course competitive as well. Sure they yelled at each other a lot, but at least they acknowledge it. Its not like the other teams where al they do is point finger. Not to mention Bolo apologized for making a mistake, unlike other teams.

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    They certainly aren't boring. I really don't enjoy people screaming at each other, but they do seem to enjoy each other.

    I imagine they will be strong competitors and entertain us along the way.

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