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Thread: Lori and Bolo

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    Here's another reason I like Bolo...

    When Freddy was going off about "I'll break whoever it was in half!," Bolo said nothing. I know Lori was explaining to Freddy that they were long gone when it happened, but you figure someone built like Bolo, who could probably break Freddy in half, would at least roll his eyes or say something like, "go ahead and try it," when someone (Freddy) is making insane threats against everyone. Instead, Bolo said nothing and looked relieved when their train thingie arrived.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I didn't see anything wrong with it. For a million bucks, I'd probably do it too.
    Me either.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    YAY!!!!!! They weren't eliminated. I really like Lori and Bolo!!

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    Lori and Bolo rock!!!
    I hope they win this whole thing!

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    At 1st I didn't like this team. They seemed a little vulgar & excessive. But now, they are in my top 2. This past week you got to see the real people under all the loud braggadocio. It was great. Good luck to them both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aota Bass
    Hmmm... that's an interesting thought- would they count the waiting-for-next-train time, or just the difference between the time it takes to ride in a taxi and the time it takes to ride on the train? Because if it's the latter, then they would certainly have a better shot if they took a cab. Then they'd be penalized maybe an hour and a half while catching up the pack instead of being 10+ hours behind.

    If they can manage to make it into the top 6 after this major setback, one of these is true:
    A) They are awesome and deserve to stay in the race
    B) The equalizers are WAY out-of-control this season

    Probably both, if they do catch up.
    I like Lori and Bolo a lot; now that Gus and Hera are out of the race, they're my favorite team. That being said, that was one hell of a set of equalizers on this last leg: one clue doesn't open until 10 pm, and the next one doesn't open until 10 am. If it had been Smeghead and the Whiner that were saved from elimination by this sequence, I'd have been screaming bloody murder and probably would have stopped watching this season; this is waaaaaaaaaaay more of a filter than we've ever seen on TAR before (to the best of my knowledge).

    So why did they plan it that way? Was it to ensure that the teams actually got some sleep? It just seems too heavy-handed to me, and in my opinion it detracts from the game. I'm glad Lori and Bolo are still around, and I'm thrilled that they pulled a first place finish from such a horrible position, but it was a case of pure blind luck for them, and pure bad game planning for TAR.

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    "You're the biggest optimist I've seem in my life" make no sense in context to the conversation they had. I think he meant to say "You're the biggest pessimist I've seem in my life"

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    I just thought Bolo was being sarcastic when he said that.

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    I dunno if he was sarcastic or not, didn't sound too sarcastic. Then again, L&B looked more stressed out last night then any before (who could blame them?) so for all we know it could've been 1. sarcastic, 2. spoke too fast and the wrong word came out, or 3. he really doesn't know the difference between optimist & pessimist.

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    Here's my guess

    I think the equalizers may be so heavy handed because the differences in the couples were so glaring. You've got the Wonderkids (Freddie-Kendra; Hayden-Aaron; Lori-Bolo); the shorties (Adam & Rebecca look so little); the out of shape (Gus & The 2 fellows who were eliminated early); and Don & Mary Jean. However, Don & MJ's performance and Gus's slow but steady approach should show TAR staff that the equalizers don't need to be so glaring. After all, it hasn't been these teams inability to keep up that's gotten them eliminated, it's been tactical errors and preparation.

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