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Thread: Lena and Kristy

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    I like these two and I'm glad they survived, they were doing pretty well in the begining so hopefully their mistake was a one off!
    Quote Originally Posted by Leo
    I had to admire their reaction to Jonathan's latest bout of delusion in the Viking village. Their faces said exactly what they thought of it.
    I agree, I thought their reactions were hilarious!

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    Yeah, I'm really liking these two also and they seem like a pretty strong team if they can just cut out the mistakes. The next time they might not be so lucky. Hopefully they get a game plan together to avoid making those mistakes because if they continue doing that they won't get much further.

    So far a lot of teams have been making major blunders but I wouldn't count on it continuing for long. Kris and Jon are the only two that I haven't notice make a huge error yet and I certainly hope I don't jinx them because I really like that team also.

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    i really wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lena and Kristy is the only team that i really loved without any flaw... :'( why oh why?!?!

    i really admire their esp. Lena's determination in that roadblock....she did all those coz of her sister...they're just so sweet and kind to each other. i am super super super really sad to see them go...imagine, with 270 bales of hay, only 3 or 4 are left unrolled?? that's pretty strong of Lena! and kudos to Kristy for keeping her patience..such good sister..

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    So sad, they were the 3rd team to arrive at the roadblock but they were still eliminated.
    I can say Lena was the 2nd tough female within all seasons (The first tough female was still Tian)

    Let's give a big hand for them

    I don't think they lose, just without luck - purely without luck

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    I was really hoping that this would be a non-elimination round or Phil would say something that would allow them to stay in the game or give them a prize. Lena showed a lot of character, something that is missing in most of the other contestants.

    That was really painful to watch.

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    even though i wasnt supporting them, it was kinda sad to see them go that early in the race and it was a torture to see Lena slog it out for 8 hrs at the road block. But despite her tough efforts, i really thought that Kristy would have changed their fate if she was the one performing the road block. Their early elimination basically overshadows the fact that Kris and Jon finished 2nd. this had got to be my worse week so far
    Well, I was thinking when he said, "king of the jungle," I was, like, "Well, during the first challenge you would still be lost in the jungle if Jim and I hadn't, like, led you out. - Brooke Struck on Judd

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    Wow... that was really sad... there was absolutely nothing they could have done differently, it was just really awful luck. Lena REALLY persevered through that task.


    Good racing, girls. I REALLY wish y'all were still in this, because you're so supportive of each other and steadfast.
    And I sing sometimes like my life is at stake because you're only as loud as the noises you make.

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    This team was by far the only team that I was hoping would make it to the end. It's so sad to see them go. Lena was really strong to keep going at it for 8 hours. Amazing.

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    I echo all of you --- I can't believe she stuck it out for 8 HOURS! That had to be so tiring and exhausting. I can't imagine it. Talk about strong-willed. I am very sad to see them go - I too was hoping it would be a non-elimination round or they would get some sort of prize for sticking it out and trying to persevere. Thankfully, Phil came to them and told them it was an elimination round - otherwise who knows how long Lena would have kept working at the road block.

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    I said this in the show discussion thread, but I'll repeat it here: Lena, I think, turned in the gutsiest performance in TAR history. Ever.

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