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Thread: TAR 5 - overall assessment?

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    Pierre Bernard
    This was the first TAR that I've watched most of the episodes. The thing that I find annoying is how the accumulated lead always disappears by having them go out in the middle of the night, and then sit in an airport for 5 hours while everyone catches up.
    Then, it ends up as pure luck (Chip and Kim arriving late to book flights and learning the main flight was delayed). I like the show, but too much of the results each week come from luck at the airport.

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    Amazing Race whore
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    Sep 2004
    Good season. I wish there were fast forwards on the first 11 legs though, as it adds more strategy. They should ditch the yield, and leg 12 should be a non-elimination (leg 11 being the final elimination). Other than that, great season.

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