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Thread: TAR 5 - overall assessment?

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    I forgot to mention a couple of things in my original post.

    The final leg sucked in terms of race design. Ideally, the final leg should start with a clue saying "Fly yourself to the final destination city and once you arrive, find X location". No more of these airport equalizers halfway through the final leg please. The stuff in Canada turned out to be pointless. And yes I'd be saying the same thing even if Colin and Christie were the ones that had benefitted from it.

    The editing was top notch as usual. The editors did a masterful job in demonizing Colin, as evidenced by some of the wild, and unfounded, accusations directed towards him.

    Also, having a NEL in the first leg of the race is a bad idea for two reasons.
    1. If in the first leg, you can't even finish ahead of one measly team, I don't think you deserve to stay on any longer.
    And more importantly, 2. I would imagine having a NEL in the first leg would be a huge letdown to prospective viewers tuning into TAR for the first time.

    It'd be nice if they kept the season premiere at 90 minutes like they did in previous seasons though.

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    I think this season is great, but could be better.

    I always like the "Walk to the pit stop", because some racers would really be stressed out by the game at that point and just wouldn't follow instructions. Torre de Belem is a classic one. I think TAR needs more of that.

    I don't mind the Yield, its been put there to make drama, and I think drama is what a reality show needs, even TAR. The Yield this season is a success, because what's more better then a major rivalry between two teams towards the end.

    Although I do think they need the Fast Forward back. I think the lack of Fast Forward is what made Colin and Christie look so strong compare to past racers. Imagine if there are only 2 Fast Forward in past seasons, teams like Jon and Al or Derek and Drew would be very strong too and would as much first places finishes as Colin and Christie.

    The Detours this season are great. I particularly liked Block 5 Shots / Drink 1 Shot. Its good to see there's not much Reckless / Chicken detours this season.

    I think the worst Roadblock this season is the zorb. If there are going to make the racers do the zorb, both should do it, and I don't think is very suitable for a Roadblock. The roadblocks in past seasons have been very interesting to watch and gives the racers unforgetable memories (Temple of Rats!). I think the best Roadblock this season is the brick making.

    Overall it has been one of the most competitive seasons, not just with Colin. And I hope next season would be the same as well.

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    i think that the 1st amazing race was probably the best ever although my fave race was TAR2 n 5 cuz my fave teams went all the way to the final 3....also i would want to see the fast forward back in every single leg of the race....hmm imagine using a fast forward and the yield on the same leg...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColdBlooded
    The final leg sucked in terms of race design. Ideally, the final leg should start with a clue saying "Fly yourself to the final destination city and once you arrive, find X location". No more of these airport equalizers halfway through the final leg please. The stuff in Canada turned out to be pointless.
    I agree that the final leg sucked, but I don't blame Canada. Canada in TAR5 took the same place as Alaska did in the final leg of TAR2 and Hawaii did in TARs 3 &4.

    TAR1 - Alaska to New York City
    TAR2 - Maui to Alaska to San Francisco
    TAR3 - Vietnam to Hawaii to Seattle
    TAR4 - Australia to Hawaii to Phoenix
    TAR5 - Philippines to Canada to Dallas

    The real problem with the final leg in TAR5 was with the Destination City. Unless something was edited out, it was the first time since TAR1 that only 1 Route Marker (the maze) was placed between the airport and the Finish Line. With so little to do in Dallas and with transportation being so cab-dependent, there was almost no chance for Colin & Christie or Brandon & Nicole to catch up.

    For examples of much better Destination Cities, look at San Francisco in TAR2 or Seattle in TAR3. They both featured some difficult-to-find locations, and forced the teams to abandon their cabs and go on foot for crucial portions (and then re-find cabs afterwards). There was even a Roadblock (the Animal Head Totem Pole) thrown into the mix in TAR3.

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    I, too, definitely agree that TAR5 is the best by far. Some of the changes the producers made just served to make the show more interesting. Any changes made was for the intent of making the show better.

    Teams this time had personalities that made them stand out from each other.

    Less Fast Forwards was good. It made it too easy for one team to jump ahead of the others to the point that it the team who avails of it predictably becomes Team no. 1 for that leg. By reducing the number of FFs available, it made finding out who's team no. 1 just as worthwhile as finding out which team got eliminated.

    Yield was a good addition. It did add some drama, even if you think it was artificially induced. It made you wonder how the Yielded team would respond. Would they remain angry or would they put it behind them and just try better. But I do see that a lot of people here don't like the Yield. Maybe the producers can have it modified somehow. Instead of waiting for the hourglass to run out, the Yielded team would instead do a extra task. If they finish it quickly, they can continue with the race.

    Non-elimination penalty. Okay, I admit that I wouldn't want to find myself begging for money nor would I like others to do so, too, but you have to admit it made you wonder how this penalty the last team to arrive. Would they be resourceful enough?

    The Detours and Roadblocks are okay with me, though I have to admit that the Detours need to be a little more tougher to choose next time.

    Final leg. I thought the finish line leg in TAR2 is still the best. I would like to see the last 3 teams to scramble about the city on foot looking for the finish line. It would have been more exciting to see that than one taxi here, one taxi there.

    Here's hoping the next season would be even better!

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    I have to disagree that the yield seriously affected any team. The only team that seemed to have been delayed to any effect was Linda and Karen in Egypt. Kami and Karli might have been, but the operating hours of the water park cancelled any of that. Brandon and Nicole, and later on Colin and Christie never seemed to be affected - because the actual pit stops took place at very expensive hotels, there was a ready source of money.

    As it stands, the lost-money effect of the NEL has had zero effect on the game.

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    I've always loved this series but this particular year was kind of "whatever" for me.

    I find myself not caring who wins but who loses (in other words I don't care as long as the winner isn't insert team name here).

    Some of the places were beautiful and I'm glad I got to see them (especially Eqypt). Challenges were amusing and there of course was plenty of tension - it just seemed like from a creative standpoint, the writers/creators were asleep at the wheel (pen).

    Regardless, I'll be watching next year but I certainly hope that there are more interesting people to watch/care about for the next time.

    Maybe a celebrity or 1/2 place winner line up. I think that would work.

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    another season where the most deserving team loses... (nightmares of Flo)
    I love TAR- but i ahve to say that was poor planning for that last leg- how can a 72,000 mile race around the world be decided by a plane delay? There should have been more tasks in and around Dallas... Canada was a waste of time- bunched before they got there and bunched when they left??
    Whatever- people win the lottery every day- Team Chip won their gratuity million courtesy of American Airlines

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    I’ve watched all seasons of TAR, though I missed several episodes in season 2. I m constantly amazed that it stays as good as it does. Some thoughts on ideas previously posted.

    NEL’s. I’d say have the first one in leg 3 or 4, leaving the first 2 or 3 legs to get rid of the weakest teams. Have another one some where in the next 3 to 4 legs and save the final 2 for someplace in the final four legs. They obviously need to be somewhat “randomly spaced” from season to season so that racers don’t count on them.

    NEL Penalty: If the money forfeiture is kept have it occur at the beginning of the next leg, so any money begged during the Pit Stop would be lost. (also allowing for the interesting possibility of people spending their money on sundry goods during their Pit Stop, maybe even on items that they could in turn sell for money once the race starts up again, but at least costing them time. Which gets us to the main crux of the NEL Penalty,… this should be time. A team which is saved by a NEL leg needs to have a time penalty more than a monetary penalty. Another way of doing this is adding a special Task that must be solved before they get their initial clue. I think that the stress of having to do an initial task before you can even learn what the other teams will be doing would be very interesting to watch.

    Fast Forwards: The Race needs more of them, mainly in the early to mid stages, legs 2 through 8 or 9. Not having FF at the end of the race though would lead to the faster teams taking them earlier in the race (like C&C did this year) as there would be no need to wait to the end.

    Yield: I like the idea. First its a game, any rule that is made and evenly affects all teams in implementation is fair. Maybe not nice, but fair Ask anyone who plays kids games like Sorry how much fun it can be to bump someone backwards or hold them up. I say put a yield sign at the conclusion to every task. Just before you are handed you next clue after completing a task you can choose to yield any one team who has not already started that task. I’d also allow teams to yield more than once, if you have more teams yielding throughout the race I think it would be a more accepted gamesmanship type option.

    Yield Penalty: In stead of standing still for an hour the yield penalty should become a new task that needs to be done. It may be a fairly short task or one that is a bit longer, but again it has a random edge and added stress to the lives of those who are yielded.

    Roadblocks: I agree that some should be physical, some should be logic/tactical puzzles, and others should be random/patience driven ones.

    Detours: I think we all agree we like to see when different teams take different detours. Any process that aids in that result would be good.

    Bunching: Bunching is a fact of life in TAR and it isn’t going away, so as long as tactical decisions are present at and after the bunching points we’ll be fine.

    Navigation: This year did have a preponderance of guided travel. Taxi’s – buses – chartered planes… what have you. There needs to be a healthy mix, with more orienteering on foot/bicycle/local device in cities or rural areas. Watching teams trying to navigate using maps is absolutely wonderful. If team driving is an issue hire local drivers who will obey all local driving laws, but will only drive where directed by the “backseat drivers” of the team. Have more clues saying stating vaguely that teams nee to get to City X, but not limiting them to flight, especially in Europe. I really respect teams that can always find the fastest way from point A to point B.

    Miscellaneous: More puzzles like the flags, or other local information, or TAR trivia. Make these teams think and get flustered. Another idea is to give the team reaching the Pit Stop first a time bonus of say 10 minutes and the second place team 5 minutes and the third team 1 minute. (All cumulative so the fourth place team leaves 16 minutes delayed in addition to however long they arrived after the first team.) Fewer models. (at least lie to me so I think they’re not models.

    Thoughts on TAR 5. I enjoyed the season the whole way through. Many of my initial “favorites” were out near the beginning, but I grew to enjoy or at least respect all the teams. I thought that the cliff climb near the end was just as fair there as anywhere. The moms would have struggled with it no matter where it was, but the greatest thing about it was how the challenge showed their tremendous heart. That is one of the (many!) things to love about this show.

    Can’t wait till TAR 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo
    Team Chip won their gratuity million courtesy of American Airlines
    You have to wonder how happy American is with the race. They are, after all, one of its major sponsors and all the trips are awarded "courtesy of" them.

    And yet...

    1. Of the flights leaving LAX at the start of the race, the American Airlines flight had the longer lay-over, so the teams on the United flight came out ahead.

    2. The American plane couldn't get in to Calgary on the last evening, so they had to delay the morning flight. Once again, United comes out on top.

    3. An American agent let Colin & Christie and Brandon & Nicole check bags, without apparently informing them of any problems this might cause if they tried to change flights.

    4. Dallas is a major hub for American; their corporate offices and training academy are even located there. Yet all we see of Dallas are some stockyards and a bunch of traffic. Hardly makes you want to jump on an American flight and head there for a vacation, does it?

    Looks like American Airlines is the big loser of TAR5. I wonder if this will have any impact on their sponsorship of future TARs?

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