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Thread: And Then There Were Four ~ Finale recap

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    Quick and precise as usual! I'm going to miss your recaps, Cali.

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    A fantastic season of recaps Cali! I am so glad we will not have to wait long for them to begin again!

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    What a good job of writing....

    As to how you lay on the sled, I think the heavy one goes on top so as to reduce the drag on the skids.

    It makes for a faster ride and a flatter wife in this case.

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    Thanks for a great season!!

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    GREAT JOB CALI just funny to me that no one knew what vertigo was, even alfred hitchcock made a movie about it..... karen did a hell of a job trying to climb that rope. I'd have never made it....I got vertigo! and the way the women shut down on the climb up the mountain ( all except Kim) just amazed me. the easiest thing to do and they melted down like an ice cream cone in the desert. Nicole, is it " come on brandon hurry up!!!!" or " brandon, wait!!!!!!" because she sure screamed them both in this episode. I was so happy to see chip and kim win. the old folks did it.

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    Wonderful as always Cali. I blame you, and your recaps for getting me hooked to TAR. I take it back, I THANK you and your recap's for getting me hooked on TAR. Can't wait to read your witty words next season.
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    Wonderful recap. I was disappointed to find that I hadn't set my VCR to catch the entire finale. (Only got the 1st hour). I'm so happy for Cip & Kim I was rooting for them all the way.

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    I actually wish Colin and Christie would have won. I'll admit there were a couple of episodes where I couldnt stand him, but they sure played a heck of a game. I also wish the last episode would have had more roadblocks and not been mostly about getting on the plane.

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    Great recap, Cali,and thanks for mentioning the editing, particularly in regards to Colin and Christie being depicted in a neutral way.

    I bet that is part of the reason I didn't care toward the end whether they won or not. After Linda and Karen were eliminated, I didn't have any strong feelings other than wishing that Brandon and Nicole would have remained for the week it would likely have taken them to complete the bike course task.

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    Great recap! Thanks!

    Btw, is there any indication how close the teams were? It always looks very close (within 10 minutes or so?) but in reality, how far apart were they? WIth Collin and Christie driving down the shoulder of the highway in Dallas, I wondered if they were really close? I'm hoping they weren't close in spite of their illegal driving on the shoulder of the road. LOL
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