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Thread: 9/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Until the next show starts it has been great griping, moaning, bitching, complaining, laughing, crying with all of you. Thanks for a great race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    nicole says "i wanted to do the luge" didnt she stop brandon when he was running that way?? maybe i'm confused...
    I thought that too. :rolleyes

    My ox is broken. Colin in TAR5

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraLoo
    Yes, that would be dating Nicole.
    OR....like Christie dating Colin. That boy needs help and Christie can do so much better. He's such an abusive ass. :phhht

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    Originally Posted by VectorWega

    It's pretty standard operating procedure in Dallas to drive the shoulder.
    I drive in Dallas and I've seen only a few folks on the shoulder....with a police car pulling them over. It isn't standard practice here. We have an HOV lane (a lane on the left side of the highway for High Occupancy Vehicles...anything with more than one person in it) which is what they should have taken on from Ft Worth to Dallas....

    But the shoulder...nooooo

    If they had won, I would have stomped around here for a long time for cheating on the roads of Texas. Don't mess with Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captain
    Until the next show starts it has been great griping, moaning, bitching, complaining, laughing, crying with all of you. Thanks for a great race.
    I have to go along with that. It's been great watching the race with everyone this season. It's no wonder TAR is one of the best reality shows there is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraLoo
    Our couriers do it all winter long. If you actually know how to do it you can. Perhaps Nicole needed training wheels. :rolleyes
    Yeah, we have bike couriers in Toronto too. But they don't ride down ski slopes.

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    whew!!! i'm worn out!!! this was an outstanding final!!!

    yay for chip and kim ~ i've loved these two from the beginning! i am so happy for them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ref guy
    Congrats to C&K but C&C deserved to win. The Driver was a great idea and that deserved to be rewarded.
    "Deserved" is such a slippery term though. Could any two of us ever agree on how it applies?

    My position is that the show is set up so that the person who wins the most legs doesn't necessarily "deserve" anything. It's a contest in stages, not a contest based on your complete season-long performance. Frankly, I wasn't one of the people who thought that Flo and Zach didn't "deserve" a win... I just hated the idea of the annoying b@tch getting money. But they deserved it as much as anyone. Same here, except that Chip & Kim appear to be wonderful people.

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    I am so happy that Chip and Kim won. I thought for sure Colin and Christie had it. Way to go Chip and Kim! I bet Colin wanted to strangle that cab driver, who he took the time to make advance reservations for. Way to go Chip and Kim!
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    Yeah --- congrats to Chip and Kim... my favorite team! It's a good thing they won despite C&C's braking the law by driving on the shoulder. They probably would have penalized them about 30 minutes for that so they would have lost for sure.

    By the way, I've lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 10 years and it is not common for people to drive on the shoulder. During bad traffic, well under 1% of drivers do it and everyone I know thinks they are despicable for thinking their time is more important than others.

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