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Thread: TVGuide's Matt Roush on TAR6 Delay

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    TVGuide's Matt Roush on TAR6 Delay

    From TVGuide Online:

    Given the popularity and the quality of The Amazing Race right now, do you agree with CBS's decision to postpone the launch of the sixth season? I have mixed feelings on the subject as I'm hoping that by launching the sixth edition later in the fall, anticipation will build and the show will be a huge ratings success. However, I'm worried that the opposite might happen and that The Amazing Race might get lost in the shuffle so to speak, considering most shows will have run quite a few new episodes by then and television viewers might already have established their viewing preferences. Chad C.

    As with most things concerning Race, I prefer to look on the positive side. CBS originally had planned to premiere the new season of Race on Saturday night shortly after the finish of the current season. The network officially is saying the indefinite delay is designed to give the show a bit of a rest and to build some anticipation. The more likely reason is that the show is doing too well to be buried on Saturdays, and CBS is just waiting for one of its new shows to die to open up a weeknight slot (I'm thinking whether the casualty is Clubhouse or dr. vegas, the opening will be on Tuesday, either at 9 or 10 pm/ET, with other shows being shuffled to make way for this one.) If that scenario is the case, then it's all good. The Amazing Race is too valuable an asset to waste on Saturday, and CBS's new fall shows are generally so weak that it's crazy not to wait to relaunch the show where it can have the most impact.

    And by the way: Go, Bowling Moms! How terrific have Linda and Karen been in the last few episodes? They may not win the big prize Tuesday night although how cool will it be if they actually do? but they've won me over.

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    I hope he's right about putting the show on a different night. Saturdays are the dead show day of TV. Maybe with another Emmy under their belt, CBS is finally getting the picture that they have a winner with TAR and will give it a better time and night. And more promotion...
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    I am so disappointed for myself...(back to back TAR oh my), but very proud of the show.
    Truly the best reality show! (and I have been a survivor fanatic from the beginning)
    I know as soon as someone gets wind of TAR 6 it will be posted, but please let it be soon.
    Congrats TAR!!!!!

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