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Thread: Possible *SPOILER* AR5 spotted . . .

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    Possible *SPOILER* AR5 spotted . . .

    Last February, my husband spotted a clue box and flag outside the Stadium Sky Train station in Vancouver. There was only one person guarding it - from about 20 feet away. He had a walkie talkie in his pocket and looked suspiciously like a film crew member (we have a lot of them in Vancouver!).

    My husband approached the box, and the man started to casually pay more attention to him! My husband then asked him what the box was for, and the man said that it was for a corporate team building event. My husband, usually more on the ball, believed him! He called me and told me about it, then the more he thought about it, he realized that it was, in fact, for the Amazing Race. (I wish I had gone down there to see for myself, but I was at home with a newborn!)

    As soon as this season started, he saw the clue boxes and flags being used, and said that they were the same as the ones he saw that day!

    My guess - they stop in Vancouver en route to Banff, as most flights from Asia go through Vancouver.

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    Cool! I've heard speculation that they may have visited Canada this season, but nothing first hand like this! Banff or maybe Whistler? I'll be super excited if it's true...Vancouver doesn't get enough reality TV action!

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    Corporate Team Building Event = Canada's TAR. Canada runs its own TAR for corporate companies such as Verizon and more.

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    But with the exact same clue box and flag? Right down to the size and colours? I doubt they'd tell an onlooker the truth!

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    Well apparently they are going to be in Canada for the final episode.

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