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Thread: TVGuide Online: Is The Amazing Race headed for a detour?

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    Referring to The Amazing Race as a "weapon" shows how far it's finally come in public perception. Its fans have loved it since the beginning, but it's never really caught on with big ratings before. It's neat to hear them refer to it as a "potent" force in the CBS lineup.
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    To answer the question about ABC's "The Bachelor"...

    "Amazing Race 3" faced off against "Bachelor" for a couple months in the Fall of 2002. "Bachelor" was just entering its second season and would consistently beat "Race" in the ratings. Also, NBC's "West Wing" hadn't peaked yet either, leaving "Race" often in (a distant) third place for the time slot.

    "Race" currently airs at Tuesdays at 10 p.m., but we must remember that for the most part its competition was reruns (on NBC) and short-run documentary-style series (on ABC). This competition will pale in comparison with what it would face in the fall. Moving it to 9 p.m. would leave it out of the direct line of fire of two prominent series ("Law & Order: SVU" and "NYPD Blue").

    Lastly, Wednesday at 9 p.m. would be fine too. Both "Bachelor" and "West Wing" have seen better days, in fact it has been rumored that this could be "Wing's" final season. The competition that faced "Race 3" is considerably weaker than it was just two years ago. I believe that placing "Race" on either Tuesday or Wednesday at 9 p.m. would prove successful.

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    This is the West Wings final season.

    And I know the Sept 26-Oct 2 TVGuide has the TAR6 team photos and descriptions! If anyone has this issue can they please scan/upload it so we all can see them please?

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