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Thread: Thoughts on the teams

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    Good to see that I'm not the only one here!

    I agree with you soooo much, e-daddy and karalott!!!

    I will always be a fan of Charla and Mirna, they are the best team in the Amazing Race! And yes, I believe that if it wasn't for that plane delay, Charla and Mirna could have easily made 3rd (we'd still have them! ) if not 1st! But I guess it wasn't meant to be.

    I will be happy when TAR6 starts, I will pick a new team to cheer for, but I will never forget Charla and Mirna. They will always be my favorite team of all....
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    Dennis & Erika-I liked them, thought they were a nice team. Too bad they were first out.

    Alison & Donny-Bitch bitch, nutcase pyscho bitch! So glad that they got eliminated. By the way they finished in episode 1, I thought we were going to have to suffer through lots of episodes of them. I have zero idea what Donny EVER saw in her.

    Jim & Marsha-I really liked them. Thought they were a nice team and Jim was SO tough. I was really upset when they got eliminated ESPECIALLY since I wanted the brothers gone so badly.

    Bob & Joyce-They were a really cute team, too. I was sad when they got eliminated. They were pretty tough for an older team and pretty admirable as well.

    Marshall & Lance-Ugh. Couldn't stand this team preshow and it carried on with their obnoxious comments and depressing attitudes. Was very happy when they were eliminated...too bad they had to quit though. :phhht

    Charla & Mirna-Ugh HATE!!! I couldn't STAND them episode 1 and on, although I did like Charla for the most part. That is, until she became this serious hypocrite talking about how she could do EVERYTHING but then would be like,"I can't do it, I can't do it." Mirna was soooo whiny and annoying and bitchy and ya know, there's something to be said about the fact that several of the teams didn't like them. Guess that says something about these 2.

    Kami & Karli-Ditzy and dumb, epitomizing the dumb blonde stereotype that I'd wish would get broken. These 2 just reinforced it. Lucked their way into 5th place and should've been eliminated before that.

    Linda & Karen-Annoying shrieks that make me turn the volume down if I have it loud. Especially the case in the Insider videos. I hate they think they're "just moms" but the thing is, moms are some of the toughest people in the WORLD, they've delivered kids! They definitely irk me.

    Colin & Christie-He's an evil asshat and she's a total bitch as demonstrated by the last episode. Although I do thank Colin very much for the most classic reality tv line EVER "My ox is broken" which could cause me hours of laughs. Too bad they didn't get eliminated and they'll make the F3. But they WON'T win. No way. It just cannot happen.

    Chip & Kim-Really nice couple. I loved that in Insider they said they'd take their kids to Hawaii now that they won the trip. They were SO excited. It was really cute. Yay for Chip on overcoming his fears.

    Brandon & Nicole-My all time favorite TAR team. I've never loved anyone the way I love them. I think Nicole is an overall good kid who is beyond exhausted and definitely acts young a lot. Yes she whines but it's better than Pyscho Christie demanding that they run over the pedistrians. She didn't nag her driver ever. Brandon is just the most adorable sweet guy I've ever "met". I love him love him love him so much. He's cute, he's silly, he's funny, and the fact that he's kinda wussy just makes him cuter. His funky dance on the boat? MORE lovable. If they win, I can die happy. Well not really but I'll be beyond thrilled. I have a feeling they DO win too. I've had this feeling since about episode 3 or 4. But seriously, I think they'll get married eventually but if they don't and they break up, I'm DEFINITELY first in line to be his new gf.

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