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Thread: Thoughts on the teams

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    Alison & Donny - HATED THEM!!!! Gawd, I already had to put up with her in Big Brother? Why did I have to see her again? Ugh....

    Dennis & Erika - Not much to say here. Would have loved to see them longer.

    Colin & Christie (Team Psycho) - First off, Colin is a frickin psycho. If Christie had any brains in that beauty pageant head of hers, she would dump his @ss. But it's not like she's much better.

    Bob & Joyce - Although their time was short, these two were a great couple. They had fun, which is a lot more than some of the other teams did!

    Brandon & Nicole - I actually am beginning to like these guys! Brandon seems like a nice guy! If Linda and Karen don't win, I'm rooting for B&N!!!

    Marshall & Lance - Never was a fan of them. Not in the race, at least. In the interview, they seem like decent human beings! Why couldn't they have done that in the race?

    Charla & Mirna - - Well, you all know my opinion on these two! Some of you may hate them, But I think that they were the best team in The Amazing Race! Charla really proved that size doesn't matter. And Mirna, no matter what other people say, she did help out the team! Why couldn't that leg have been a NEL?!?

    Jim & Marsha - Not much of an opinion here. They were an ok team. No problems here.

    Kami & Karli - This team grew on me, but they were still klueless.

    Chip & Kim - Kim doesn't seem to do much! I mean, people say Mirna didn't do anything, then they turn around and say chip and kim are a great team. It's more like CHIP AND CHIP are a great team. So GO CHIP!

    Linda & Karen - My second favorite team! I sooo hope they win. One of the funniest teams to be in the race.

    (that's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it!)
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
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    I like this game:

    Alison & Donny - I'm one of the few that thought Alison deserved to win BB....didn't need her on Amazing Race (TAR is my favorite reality show). Really thought they'd be in it longer. Proof that teams can self destruct.

    Dennis & Erika - They were only there for a second but I believe they could have been a team the grew stronger if they had concurred adversity early. They didn't.

    Colin & Christie - Totally stunned by the hatred the forums have spawned. I really like them. It's an intense game, you can actually believe they are playing for a million dollars. I relate to their competitiveness. I believe they have the best communication of all teams. No mistaking what each believe or are thinking. Each speak their minds. Maybe my favorite teams of all time (honorable mention to the NY buddies in season one).
    Bob & Joyce - Was never concerned if they made it or not. Good on them for giving it a go. I may not be compelling tv either and would love to compete. Made me a bit concerned that TAR was dumbing down and pumping viewers with gimmick teams. ie Aged Internet Dating couple

    Brandon & Nicole: Plastic as can get. It's all about image with these two. Are they pretty enough? Are they portraying themselves as good christians? I still can't believe they didn't cut their hair. They didn't have to sacrifice a limb. I wouldn't cut my hair off on a dare but I would to keep in a race for a million dollars. I think Brandon may be the most frightened contestant ever. Has he ever looked anything but nervous about any challenge. The big plastic ball scared him. Nicole looked disappointed when the were told it was a NEL. She'll dump him soon enough.

    Marshall & Lance (Pizza Guys) - The one thing that you can't anticipate is an injury. Brutal way to leave. Wish they had a Pizza place in my neighborhood. Bi+ch comment to Moaner and Charla may have had me laugh more than any scene in show.

    Charla & Mirna - I have my doubts about this team. It would have been a PR disaster for the network if they had have been eliminated in the first show. They seemed to be lost, miss clues, struggle with tasks but always found the right path or answer before disaster struck. I'm not sure if it was outside guidance (I really hope not) or it was editing to make us think they were superunderdog team. I don't know if any other team ever played to the cameras more. I hated this team with a passion and started out wanting to cheer them on. Gimmick team.

    Jim & Marsha - Getting injured within the first 5 seconds of the race has to play with your mind. As with the Brothers, too bad. Rather lose because of misjudgment rather than hamstrung by bad luck.

    Kami & Karli (SuperTwins??) - Meh. Showed flashes of competence but really not that likable. Colin and Christie are vilified but I think these two were nasty.

    Chip & Kim - I like these two almost as much as C & C but for almost the exact opposite reasons. Don't get me wrong, they are as completive and willing to do anything to win as most teams (pushing, budding, yield) but....they have enjoyed the traveling. They have enjoyed the peaks into other cultures. Kim has done very little but Chip doesn't really care. It's almost like a camping trip where the fella decides his partner can chill and he'll fetch fire wood, fish, keep the beer cold ect...I wouldn't be upset if they win. Seem like a couple you'd like invite for a bbq or pool party.

    Linda & Karen (Bowling Moms) - they are in the race still. Major props. I can not stand their whining. I can't not stand their accents/screeching. Seem to have temper problems but it hasn't slowed them down yet. I don't really mind if they come in third but I hope they are not in the top two. Again...props for still being in the race.
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    They seemed to be lost, miss clues, struggle with tasks but always found the right path or answer before disaster struck.
    Meh, they might have been a little clueless, but not as clueless as the notorious Team Klueless!
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    Meh, they might have been a little clueless, but not as clueless as the notorious Team Klueless!
    Fair comment

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    Alison & Donny - Didn't watch BB4 so don't know about her on that show but she seemed like a vile, evil gal on TAR. I felt bad for idiot-boy Donny that was trying to calm her down and still continue with the task...it was pathetic to watch

    Dennis & Erika - These were pinned to be my favorite team right from the start, too bad they were eliminated first...they seemed really sweet and cute together. I love their end when he was apologizing for being too nice and she told him she can't imagine herself with anyone else. I hope they're still together

    Colin & Christie - These are my current favorite team, I love those two and I hope they're the winners. They have a passion and a drive that none of the other teams can even come close to touching. And unlike most peoplem here, I don't think their relationship is unhealthy or he beats her, imo they're those couples that always bicker but end up living together for 60 years having lots of babies and a wonderful life together.

    Chip and Kim- Horrible individuals imo, she's just baggage and a witch to boot and he is always acting and pretending to be this wonderful, amazing giving man when it's obvious that he isn't.

    Brandon and Nikki- They're absolutely the cutest couple I've ever seen on one of these shows. I can't believe how nice they are to one another nad how sweet and gentle Brandon is when Nikki gets bratty and whiny; also how she is always supporting him and telling him how much she loves and appreciates him. They don't really deserve to win as I don't think they're good racers but gosh I would be thrilled if they did, they're wonderful to one another and that is really all that matters.

    Bob and Joyce- I really liked them but it was obvious they wouldn't win...I do hope they stay together tho, it's nice to see people getting a second chance.

    Kami and Karli- They were alright, but I can't stand dumb people, they irritate the crap out of me.

    Marshall and Lance- I really liked how unapologetic they were about who they are and their actions, sure they were Ugly Americans imo, but I thought that they were always just overstressed, overtired and overangry to be able to properly deal with the Race.

    Jim and Marsha- She was annoying and probably a bitch, I couldn't believe such a nice, decent man as Jim could span something as immature and babyish as Marsha s

    Linda and Karen- They're really great people imo, loved their comment that moms have to be able to know and fix everything, I thought it was really sweet and truthful. I realize they're probably next to go but I wish them all the best, they truly seem like decent human beings.

    Seems to be everyone except Mirna and Schmirna who don't deserve to be spoken of, I'm trying to block those two out of my head forever. Good Riddance!!
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    These are my thoughts:

    Alison & Donny - Strong players, lack of communication and connection between each other ...too bad

    Dennis & Erika - I didn't see them as competitive couple.

    Colin & Christie - Psychos and they deserve each other. Colin needs to go to anger management program, and Christie need a psychiatrist when you will run over people to get what you want means you're not a healthy person in the head

    Bob & Joyce - I like them, they love each other and they are strong for their ages

    Brandon & Nicole - They are a normal couple, whines a lot, but support each other a lot too, for example " Brandon is so awesome" and next week Nicole will say the same sentence "Brandon is so awesome" :rolleyes

    Marshall & Lance - Too much drama :rolleyes

    Charla & Mirna - I love both of them, Charla is so strong and competitive.
    Mirna just being herself and she knows this is a race, what you need to do in this show is to race, who cares about other people who think she is rude?

    Jim & Marsha - Strong family value and one of my favorite

    Kami & Karli - I got annoyed by their habit to finish each other sentences

    Chip & Kim - My favorite, nice people will do come first

    Linda & Karen - They show everybody that women can do everything even when they are moms

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    Dennis/Erika - No comment.

    Alison/Donny - Alison was my least favorite HG on BB4. Alison was even worse in the race. The first leg for them was excellent, but after that Alison/Donny erupted like a volcano. I was glad to see them go this early!

    Jim/Marsha - I had a lot of respect for this team espically with Jim's injury and all, but I can't get over the fact now that Marsha called Mirna a b*****!!!

    Bob/Joyce - See Jim/Marsha.

    Marshall/Lance - My least favorite of all the bald-headed teams in all races. Usually, I love bald-headed tems but not this one. They said in a car that the people there were "useless foriegners" when they are the foriegners! But what broke the camel's back was when Marshall/Lance called Mirna a b*****!!!! After that, I had no more respect for that team.

    Charla/Mirna - I miss them!!! They were my co-favorites (along with Chip/Kim). Although Mirna was rude sometimes (especially to Colin), the other teams (except Chip/Kim) are no better themselves!!! It was touching to see Charla travel around the world. Charla & Mirna were also big time competitiors who can play the game with the big boys! Finally, they were the main source of entertainment for this particular race (CBS wanted this to be Alison/Donny, but it was not to be)! I bet if it wasn't for that unlucky plane delay, they would still be in the race!

    Kami/Karli - This was a team that could of gone either way. In the end, I didn'tmiss them, because they were doing poorly. They should of been evicted whey earlier they they had been, but there was always another team or two who did even worse than them!

    Linda/Karen - When I first took a look at this team, I said to myself, "There is no way these two are going anywhere." Boy, I was wrong and I am happy to be wrong! These two amaze me in every leg they participate in. They are also one of the only teams that doesn't hate Charla/Mirna. In fact, they love Charla/Mirna!!! They also made it further in the race than all of the all-female teams in all races (Nancy/Emily in the first race raced in 9 legs -- Linda/Karen are at 11)! They are the definite underdogs of the race!

    Brandon/Nicole - They are hypocrites! They think everything revolves around them! And they think that God only cares about this team! They demand help, but they won't give help in return! They have been better and they are anti-Colin/Christie, but I still don't like them.

    Colin/Christie - I can't stand Colin! I could go on and rant on Colin all day, but I won't. Christie is no better herself! She blocked the entrance to the airport just to bully Charla/Mirna. Colin/Christie might win this race, but their win will be forgotten, tarnished, and disrespected due to poor sportsmanship.

    Chip/Kim - My favorite team along with Charla/Mirna! They aren't the strongest team (C&C are), but they are the most balanced team in the game! Their strategy to tick off Colin & Christie is working like a well oiled machine! Using the Yield on C/C is what the doctor ordered although he should of let the moms or the Christians do it. Anyways, they have it all going for them!!! They don't argue among themselves, they don't bully others (that includes the other teams as well as the country natives), and they are having fun while doing it! That is the attitude you should have when playing a game like this! If Colin & Christie do get eliminated, Chip & Kim has this game in the bag!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanna
    Seems to be everyone except Mirna and Schmirna who don't deserve to be spoken of, I'm trying to block those two out of my head forever. Good Riddance!!
    Hahaha!! I feel the same way.

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    Here I go...

    Dennis and Erika : I was going to root for this team, too bad they were gone WAY too soon.....

    Alison and Donny : I dislike Donny. He was the one who keeps on calling her girlfriend "You're psycho", "I'm dissapointed at you", "You're stupid". Alison seem to try having a better relationship, but Donny seem to think arguing was a better way, and so they are gone because of Donny I have to say.

    Jim and Marsha : I alway like these Parent / Child teams. I admire Jim for keep going on the race with that 25 stiches. A knee with that many blood, I think I would have quited the race. Jim's a great racer. Too bad Marsha aren't good with the airports.

    Bob and Joyce : I actually thought they would go quite far. At least we know that they didn't lost because of their not-too-strong physical abilities. Their ending was so sweet. I nearly cried.

    Marshall and Lance : Without the brothers this race would be boring. I think they were hilarious, especially their comments on the Russians. In the CBS insider video they were many funny clips of them too. Sad to see them go that early. Also they will be remember for a very long time in TAR history I guess.

    Charla and Mirna : I HATE Mirna. I was starting to like Charla until Leg 7. Just hate it when Mirna tells Charla to run faster. They want to use Charla's size as a advantage, that's fine by me, but using it to lie is just not acceptable. Also she needs to stop saying " I want to prove to the world that I can do everything...." Arrrrrr.

    Kami and Karli : I thought they were cute and hilarious to watch. I disliked them in Episode 1 because I think they were WAY too clueless, like walking pass a clue box without noticing it, even worse then the goats. But later I realise how fun to watch them always nearly coming in last then everytime manage to avoided elimination. Their arguing was just so entertaining. Sad that they lost.

    Colin and Christie : Seriously without them this race would be so damn boring without Colin and Christie. From the beginning they said they were very competitive, and they did prove that they are, even Phil was amazed by them. And really I don't think Colin and Christie are THAT bad. They make good tv. The only time I hated Colin was when he nearly went to jail, but then somehow I just don't want them to get eliminated. Although I don't want them to win either.

    Brandon and Nikki : From episode 1 they were my favourite team this season, and are my 2nd favourite TAR team of all time (1st being Chachacha!). They are so cute, and I know they would make far from the first time I saw them. They're not a one-man team, I think Nikki contributed a lot as well. This is a tough game, if I were her I would let him do the physically-demanding task as well, and most of the task are physically-demanding, so I won't blame her for that.

    Linda and Karen : I never thought they would make it this far. I don't find them interesting to watch, although I would hope they can make it to the top 3 and the finish line. I found Linda quite annoying.

    Chip and Kim : Somehow I think I lost interest to watch them race. They were my other favourite team but now it seems like they are just an ordinary team. I certainly hope I could find the interest to watch them again, but for now it just isn't happening. I think Kim needs to do a bit more work if she wants to contribute more, and I certainly hope she does! Chip is so loveable.

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    Super Goten, glad to see I'm not the only Mirna & Charla fan left out there.

    Dennis/Erika: I wish these two could have stuck around longer. My first impression was that they'd be a train wreck by episode 3. After what little bit we saw of them, I think it would have been the opposite. If only Dennis wasn't such a nice guy, if only he didn't give his cab to C&C. Kim is the aggressive one on her team, why couldn't Erika have been the same?

    Alison/Donny: I never thought I'd be saying this about Alison, but I would replace her and Donny with C&C in a heartbeat. I think these two would have been just as entertaining, and just as good racers. But I can't say I was too sorry to see them go (very surprised, though.)

    Jim/Marsha: Liked them on the show, wanted to cry when they got eliminated, but after reading they're post race comments and interviews, I'm glad they went out when they did. And if I ever apply to this show, I won't be applying with my parents, I know that much.

    Bob/Joyce: Loved these two, and like one of my other all time favorite teams, Dave/Margaretta, these two got stuck with a 4th place curse of a different kind. I loved they're attitude towards each other and the race, and especially they're actions during the last leg (when Bob was bowing in the hockey rink.) Why couldn't that have been a NEL?

    Marshall/Lance: Normally I wouldn't acknowledge quitters, but all I have to say is HAAAATTTEE! Glad they quit when they did. I don't know if I could have taken them another episode.

    Charla/Mirna: Love, love, loved these two, and they should have won. They are one of the best teams to run this race this season, and all because of airport trouble it cost them the game. And if Charla wants to use her size to help get ahead, then Go Charla! It's no different than M&L asking "useless foreigners" for help, Colin hiding the waterpark maps, or Heather/Eve of TAR3 fame asking people for money. And the way Mirna treated Charla was no different than how my friend's family treats her. It's not a bad thing at all.

    Kami/Karli: One of my other teams that I was rooting for, and now they're gone. It seemed like since episode 1, they've had a black cloud hanging over them. I think they were a lot smarter and there was more to them than we saw. Wish they were still in it. Hopefully next time (if there is one) they'll remember to eat.

    Colin/Christie: Hate, hate, hate, hate.

    Brandon/Nicole: Love this team, have a lot better relationship than those other two Texans above and are now my pick to win.

    Linda/Karen: I never thought these two would make it so far. Love them pre-race and are still up on my list of faves.

    Chip/Kim: I don't know what I don't love about this team. I only wish Chip had used the Yield sooner. As for Kim not pulling her weight, Christie and Nicole haven't done anymore RB than her. I think she's pulled her weight just fine.

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