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Thread: “My God, I felt sorry for her!” recap 9-14-04

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    Wow, that was really fast! I had to double-check the date on the recap title cause I didn't think it could possibly be last night's!
    Not only fast, but funny and thorough. Thanks, Cali!

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    Hello. Enjoyed the recap!

    The spelling is actually "jeepney" I'm originally from the Philippines and I used to ride those.

    I enjoyed watching Colin have a meltdown plowing the rice paddies with the "kalabaw" (or "carabao" in english) leading him all over the place instead of him leading it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    They can have each other… but I’d like to see if there is a way to sterilize both of them.

    While being lowered to the boat he is yelling and having fun which prompts Christie to tell him he’s stupid. Yeah, God forbid he try to have fun.

    Christie steps out of the cab she turns to the driver and says “I’m really sorry, I know it’s not an excuse, but we’re frustrated. I hope you can understand that and will be able to accept my apology”. HA! No she doesn’t.

    “Hey, she looks like Peter Pan”. I barely finish my sentence when Karen says to Linda: “Hey, you look like Peter Pan”. Weird. Even weirder that it caused my husband and I to laugh out loud… I mean really laugh.

    He steps of the bridge and…well… acts a tad foolish on the way down. For some reason Nicole didn’t call him an idiot. Weird.

    Poor Nicole has no idea what “Left” means. Those damn producers… that’s just not nice.

    I’m looking over my notes and see that I’ve written: “excited as always about Phil”. I had to wonder if I’d been in some fugue state as I took notes… no, I wasn’t
    Awesome job with the recap! Loved it a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    These two seem to have crappy luck with cabs.
    Uh huh. But yet lots of people say they've lucked their way to this spot. Don't seem to realize that they've had plenty of bad luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiVvV
    Great recap! I will not forget "My ox is broken" part hahaha
    Thats great...I forgot that Colin said that.

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    great recap! Wish you recapped all the shows I watch!
    I was coming here to tell you the correct spelling was "jitney" and then I saw some smart person beat me to it...oh well!
    The amount of useless information in my brain amazes me sometimes!

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    Great recap, Cali! This was my personal favorite:

    The ox almost leaves the marked field and Colin yells that his ox is broken. He is starting to have a serious melt down as he can not control the beast. Colin is having a melt down too.
    Colin truly is a beast . . . it's amazing how quickly he can be provoked into his little temper-trantrums, tearfully exclaiming, "I hate you!" How old is he . . . two? Maybe if he played nicer, he wouldn't have a broken ox! :deadhorse

    I thought exactly the same as you about the Yield. Why does anyone consider it more unfair than the Fast Forward? Both are devices for getting ahead of a team or teams. Is it because the Yield is targeted at only one team, while the Fast Forward is targeted at all of the teams? What if a team knew they were in next-to-last place and decided to go for the FF? Would the team who came in last start screaming that it was unfair that someone had stooped to using the FF? C&C certainly didn't have any problem using the FF themselves in Episode 5 . . . I'm curious to know why they think using the Yield is so down and dirty. I'd bet my last dime that if the race was in the final stages, and C&C found themselves in jeopardy, they wouldn't hesitate to use the Yield, despite what they claim. It's alot easier to say you wouldn't use the Yield on any other team when you don't really have a need to. But, when push comes to shove and, and seeing what we have of C&C, I think they'd use the Yield in a heartbeat. Pity that now, if they do use it at some future point, I'm sure they'll try to say it was justified due to the treatment they got from the others.

    But, enough about C&C for now . . . thanks again for your too, too funny recaps of The Amuzing Race.
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    Awesome witty recap produced at Warp Nine, Cali!
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaaam
    Thats great...I forgot that Colin said that.
    My also favorite part was when Christie told the cab driver to ran the people over because they didn't matter..what a psycho

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    Great job on the calicap!

    But I must say that I do feel sorry for Christie, but sometimes she's a psycho too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Christie, on last nights show
    It's ok, run them over!
    Was she talking about the people in the street? What a moron!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Colin, on last nights show
    My ox is broken.
    The funniest thing I've ever heard him say.... but he's still a psycho...
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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    OK, I have a question...When Colin and Christie found the clue in the mud, it wasn't with the plow, but Christie found it with her foot. Don't they usually get penalized if they don't follow the instructions of the detour exactly?

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