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Thread: September 1 Recap: Again? Again?

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    September 1 Recap: Again? Again?

    Hi, LG here, just adding a quick intro to say I'm posting this for cali, who wrote her fantastic recap and then her computer decided to lock up and hassle our pal. Bad computer, but good recap (which I didn't write, I only posted). -- LG.

    “Again? Again?” 9-1-04 Recap

    I wish I had something fun to talk about in my opening paragraph. I don’t. Life is busy, school is about to start, Wednesday Soccer is now just regular practice for my daughter, and so I no longer get to play. I do have my computer back though, so that’s a plus. The title comes from the fact that my daughter and I both said it… twice.

    The Particulars

    I guess the producers just wanted to let the remaining players have a little fun. The first stop after leaving the pit stop is a giant water park where contestants have to go down a huge water slide. When they reach the bottom they will receive a clue directing them to drive themselves to the airport, then get to Calcutta India 2,100 miles away. Once there contestants need to get to the Sahid Minar monument for the next clue. This is also where contestants will see the Yield that has been ever so popular this year. The clue at the monument directs teams to this weeks Roadblock, where a team member must be ready to get “down and dirty”. I guess that’s better than the “Hump and ride” of a few weeks back. The player who is ready to get dirty will have to make 20 bricks out of mud that will pass inspection at the factory. If Players think this task is too difficult, or if they think it would be more advantageous, the clue they receive at the monument also has directions to the Fast Forward. The clue itself only tells players that they must participate in a Hindu Ritual. Anyone choosing to take the Fast Forward will not find out that they need to have their heads shaved until they arrive at the temple 7 miles away. If a team completes the Fast Forward, they of course get to go directly to the pitstop without participating in the Detour or the Road Block.Sooo, back to the Detour. After completing the bricks at the factory the inspector will give teams the next clue, sending them to Sealdah Station….by train….in India. Whew. At Sealdah station players get the clue for the Detour. Phil lets us know that it’s a choice between Heavy but Short and Light but Long. In Heavy but Short players must take a Taxi a half mile to a shop. Sounds easy, but the taxi has no engine. Teams don’t know that until they arrive to move them. Once the taxi is delivered they get a clue. In Light but Long players must search through a market full of flower stores until they find the marked stall. At the stall they will be given a wreath/lei thingy of flowers which they must put into the river. This is the non physically demanding of the two tasks, but the crowds could make it difficult. Teams choosing this over the Heavy but Short will receive the same clue directing teams to the Pit Stop located at the Victoria Memorial.

    And away we go…

    Colin and Christie 10:51 pm

    Christie thinks that no-one watching this week has ever seen the show before, so she needs to let us know that Colin can sometimes lose his temper quickly… gee thanks Christie do I need to give you the title of “Captain Obvious” this year? When they reach the water park I can’t tell if they are relieved that there are hours of operation that have them waiting for 8 hours or not. They do take it in stride, and find a huge tent (that I have to think was put there by the producers, as I can see no other reason for it’s existence.) They go inside and bed down for the evening. After being there for a while Chip and Kim show up and we get to hear how much Colin and Christie like Chip and Kim. Of course they do, is there anyone who doesn’t like Chip and Kim? In the morning, when the gates open, teams have to grab a number on a board just inside the gates. I can’t remember what number Colin and Christie got, but it wasn’t 1 or 2. I guess they have fun on the slide, and I am later disappointed when they correctly read the clue and drive themselves to the airport. Once in Calcutta Colin makes a remark about the beauty of the country. Coming out of anyone else it may have seemed honest, but coming from Colin it’s obvious that he’s trying to be funny. Christie chastises him for his comment but he blows her off. They see the Yield option right before receiving the clue at the monument but Colin says he doesn’t want to win this race by using the Yield. Damn him. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want him to use it, I just hate agreeing with him on his reason for not using it. At the Brick Yard Colin is set to make the bricks. It takes many, many attempts before even one brick is given the “OK” from the inspector. Colin loses his temper once again, and I realize that I was surprised he’d ever found it so he could lose it again. He finally finishes the required 20 bricks and the two head off for the Detour. After choosing Heavy but Short they arrive at the Taxi’s and Colin is shocked to learn that he can’t just drive it to the shop. Christie jumps in behind the wheel and the couple manages to get about 30 local people to help them push the cab. We get a good shot of Colin standing behind the huge group with maybe a finger on the trunk pushing the cab. Christie does a decent job of steering through the crowded streets, and they deliver the cab in good time. They receive the clue directing them to the Pit Stop and they arrive…

    Brandon and Nicole 11:27 pm

    Nicole is surprised at the number of, in her words: “What are those things.. the mosques?” that they pass, comparing them to Starbucks as there is one on every corner. I don’t know what town she lives in, but I feel the need to tell you folks that here in my neck of the woods there are no Starbucks. I have never even set foot in one. There are however, those things… what do you call them? Churches? On every corner. They are the first to go down the slide and it seems as though they actually enjoy themselves. They drive themselves to the airport and get seats on a good flight to Calcutta. Brandon hates Calcutta. He hates the smell and he hates the crowds. Now, faithful readers, please accept my apologies, as I’m looking at my notes and I see that I’ve written “Flat Tire”. I don’t know if I’m tired or if I’m in the early stages of Alzheimer’s as I seriously can’t recall a flat tire this show. Perhaps it was just mentioned, and we didn’t get to see a Colin like melt down. Anyway, I guess they had a flat on the way to the Brick Factory.. or the monument… or something. They see the Yield sign, but opt not to use it on anyone. I smile as I hate the entire concept of this new twist and hope it never, ever gets used causing the producers to rethink the idea entirely. They are not the first to the clue at the Monument, so they decide not to try for the Fast Forward as they are sure someone else has already taken it. At the Brick Yard it’s Brandon who tries to make the bricks. He is having a very hard time and after many attempts he and Nicole look around and realize all the teams are there, meaning no one went for the Fast Forward. Nicole decides they should give up on the bricks and go get it. Once they arrive Nicole freaks out that they must shave. She reminds us that they are models and says it’s Brandon’s hair that everyone likes. He says he would have done it in a minute, but would never want Nicole to shave her beautiful hair. They bail on the Fast Forward, and I can’t say I’m at all surprised by this. The two hop in a cab to get back to the Road Block. In the cab Nicole is crying and apologizing as she feels it’s all her fault. Brandon is actually very supportive and I’m actually very glad. He asks if she’d like him to pray for them, and she smiles and says yes. Back at the Brick Yard the pressure to perform is off and Brandon is able to seemingly speed through the task. They head off to hop the train to Sealdah Station. While waiting on the platform Brandon is talking with the other passengers, but Nicole is starting to get weirded out by everyone staring at her. She mentions that she’s claustrophobic, and I can’t believe hey will actually ever be able to get on the train. If she’s freaked about the amount of people on the platform, she is in for a real treat. The train pulls up, and they do get on. I’m not sure she had much of a choice, as everyone is pushing the two on. Time for another prayer there Brandon. They opt for Heavy but Short as their choice of Detour and have lots of help pushing the cab to the designated spot. They receive the clue and head off, sure they are in last place, towards the Pit Stop. They arrive…

    Chip and Kim 11:41 pm

    This couple seems to be really enjoying the race. They refer to it as the Honeymoon they never got. Waiting for the park to open they talk with Colin and Christie in the tent. Chip is convinced that he can stroke Colins ego enough to have him eventually self destruct. Pesonally I can’t wait. At the water park Chip runs right past the board with the numbers and has to back track. Once they go down the slide and receive the clue telling them to get to the airport they decide their best course of action is to take a cab. Oh No! I have no idea how far they had gotten, but after a while Kim rereads the clue and realizes they should be driving themselves. They have the cabbie turn around and they go get the car and get themselves to the airport. Once there they get a flight to Calcutta, but it arrives ten minutes after the other teams. Luckily, they get themselves a Calcutta Cabbie that knows a short cut to the monument, and they make up some time. They too, see the Yield, but opt not to use it. At the Roadblock It’s up to Chip to make the Bricks at the brickyard and we learn that his father or Grandfather (sorry, not sure which) was a bricklayer. Now, I don’t know how that will help them, but he seems to think it will, and is making the bricks as a tribute to his elder. He never seems to get a good rhythm down and some bricks pass inspection, while others fail. He does finally get the twenty bricks made and they receive the next clue. They don’t seem to think about it for long before opting for the Heavy but Short portion of the Detour. Chip will be steering the cab while his wife and some friendly locals push it the half mile to the designated spot. Later in one of the little interview clips we see Kim is laughing and giving him a hard time about riding. He laughs too and promises to make it up to her. Man! I like these two. The couple receives the next clue and happily head off to the Pit Stop where they arrive…

    Karen and Linda

    The moms are still in it, and are doing well. They have fun at the water park and on the way out almost grab a cab to the airport. They realize in the nick of time that they must drive themselves there and run for the car. Here we get a great shot of the Amazing Race fanny pack sitting on a wall by the entrance to the park. On the way to the airport one of them asks where the bag is. They realize they left it behind and quickly turn back to get it. The bag holds their pass ports, and they really have no choice. At the park, after getting the bag, they see a cabbie and ask him how to get to the airport. He says… and this is important…”I’m going there, you can follow me”. The moms are thrilled and upon arriving at the airport decide to give the cabbie a five dollar tip. Well, let us all flashback a week and listen as the cabbie demands his full fare of 40 dinars. Linda really doesn’t want to pay and tells the cabbie that she won’t give him forty dollars, as they only followed and he said he was going to the airport anyway. The flashback continues as the cabbie gets the authorities and Linda is told to follow the guard to a room where they can talk. She is afraid to go, and tries to explain the situation in the terminal instead. Christie is laughing. Finally, and I don’t really know how, Linda figures out that the cabbie isn’t asking for forty dollars, and that the equivalent is really only 15 dollars. This means she only needs to fork over another 10, which she does simply so they can get on their way. Once in Calcutta we learn how one actually goes about complimenting a country that you may not like as the moms talk about how beautifully the women dress, and how they always look so nice. Once they arrive at the monument, they too pass up on the opportunity to use the Yield. I think this team is doing a good job at taking turns on the Roadblock’s and it’s now Karen’s turn. She does a great job of making the bricks, and for the next few hours I’m walking around singing “She’s a Brick House”. I can’t get it out of my head. Misery loves company and this is why I share it with you now. The two find out that the ticket agent at the train station will not take American Money and after unsuccessfully pleading with other passengers, the two decide to hop a cab to the bank. Once they have been driving for a little while they learn that the cabbie wants to take them all the way back to Calcutta to exchange the money. Linda is really starting to freak out now and is losing her temper and patience rather quickly. They tell the cabbie to stop and get people (perhaps the cabbie, I’m not sure) to exchange their American Money for Ruppies, but at loan shark rates. They have the money needed now, and at the station while waiting for the train Linda is still freaking out prompting Karen to tell us that the whining is getting on her nerves. She would prefer Linda to just shut up rather than whine. I now know Karen is truly a mom. The friends decide to take the Heavy but Short choice for the Detour and both of them ride while about twenty folks push the cab for them. They deliver the cab and get the final clue. They run for the welcome mat, and the moms arrive…

    Kami and Karli 12:14 am

    The twins came in last in the previous episode. Since it was the second of four predetermined Non-Elimination Legs, they are still in the race. They did however have to give up all their money, and will not be receiving any money to start this leg with. They are in the car driving to the water park when they stop to ask some men for directions to the park. They go on to say that they have no money, and will happily sing, or rub their shoulders (?) for some cash. I think this sufficiently worried the men as they give the girls some money, but shy away from the hug that one of them is trying to give as “payment”. A little bit later they see another man and… I’m quoting here… “Turn on the charm”. They really didn’t look that charming, but perhaps they looked pathetic enough as the man not only gave them all the money in his pocket, but also led the way to the Water Park. Wow people, my notes here are really crappy. Either not a lot happened, or it was bring, as I have two more lines of written notes. Oops. I do know they opted not the use the Yield, and since this is the last contestant paragraph I can go ahead and tell you that I’ve been wondering why they even bothered to show it to us this week. Whatever. Once they arrive at the Brickyard, it’s up to Kami to make the bricks. Karli suggests that perhaps it would be a good idea to watch one of the professionals make a brick, so she can get an idea of how to do it. I suppose Kami thinks it’s easy, as she tries to make them with out any knowledge of how to do so. This trying lasts for a very long time, and many rejected bricks. Finally Kami comes up with the great idea to watch one of the professionals make a brick. Karli is not happy. She finally finishes with the bricks and the pair head off for the Detour. After reading the clue they too decide to go for [/I]Heavy but Short[/I] and like the moms they both get a free ride as others push the cab. I guess for them the Detour was really just Short. The sisters get the final clue and head off for the Pit Stop where they arrive….

    Pit Stop at Victoria Memorial

    As I do every week I will list the players in the order of arrival with their departure order in parenthesis.

    1. Colin and Christie with another freakin’ trip (1)
    2. Chip and Kim (3)
    3. Linda and Karen (4)
    4. Kami and Karli (5)

    Which leaves us with the hairy models coming in last. If you watched the episode you know that not only were they last, but they were last by a wide margin as the other teams arrived in sunlight and by the time Colin and Christie arrive it’s full on dark. They hang their heads waiting to hear what they already know. Phil looks at them and tells them they are the last team to arrive. WHAT? He stopped talking. He isn’t telling them they’ve both been eliminated from the race! Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the 3rd of the four predetermined Non-Elimination Legs. Brandon and Nicole truly can’t believe it and are thrilled to still be in the race.

    5. Brandon and Nicole (2)

    Be sure to tune in next week. I am almost positive someone will be eliminated.

    Comments? E-Me cali@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Great recap, Cali! (even with confusing notes!) And thanks for posting it, LG.

    Some of my favorite lines:
    Colin loses his temper once again, and I realize that I was surprised he’d ever found it so he could lose it again.
    Nicole is surprised at the number of, in her words: “What are those things.. the mosques?” that they pass, comparing them to Starbucks as there is one on every corner. I don’t know what town she lives in, but I feel the need to tell you folks that here in my neck of the woods there are no Starbucks. I have never even set foot in one. There are however, those things… what do you call them? Churches? On every corner.
    (we don't have a Starbucks where I live either)
    She does a great job of making the bricks, and for the next few hours I’m walking around singing “She’s a Brick House”.
    Which leaves us with the hairy models coming in last.

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    Great Cali-cap

    I also found myself with that deja vu feeling this episode..

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    Thanks for posting LG.

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    yes, I too would like to thank LG, my very good pal from way back in our college days

    In my intro I said the computer was fixed... well, it's not and I really appreciate LG posting for me. Things got worse shortly after I sent it to her, so I'm glad we got it done
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    Another great cali-cap! It's like I always say- It's almost as good (sometimes better!) than the real thing!

    And a big thanks to LG for posting it!

    (The only thing wrong with this episode is that Colin didn't get eliminated. Dang it, they're going to win, aren't they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    gee thanks Christie do I need to give you the title of “Captain Obvious” this year?

    She does a great job of making the bricks, and for the next few hours I’m walking around singing “She’s a Brick House”. I can’t get it out of my head. Misery loves company and this is why I share it with you now.
    Love the Calicaps!
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    Yeah cali! and Yeah LG for posting it for us!
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    and we have a lot of starbucks here!!!!!!! goodness!!! everywhere is a starbucks..

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    I know, there's a ton of Starbucks around here too, blah.

    Great recap cali, even if your notes DID confuse you And thanks LG for posting!

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