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Thread: Question about Non-Elimination Legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stunners
    I am curious, Do you goes have any 100% concrete knowledge that the NELs are trully predetermined. It just seems every time, its to keep a politically correct couple in the show.
    If that was the case, we'd still have Charla&Mirna ( ) and Alison&Donny. I think they would have kept the virgins around last season as well. I've wondered before if these things really were predetermined, but after this season I'm convinced.

    I'm glad Brandon&Nicole are still in it. But had it been Colin&Christie that was saved by a NEL? I would have screamed. One thing I hope they do next season is mix them up a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NFL1
    Shame on CBS for seemingly going along with their view that "the LORD" wants to keep them in the race!
    While I would never argue with a "higher power", me thinks the NEL's were planned waaay in advance. They had no idea who was going to come in last on that particular NEL.
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    Actually, it all depends on how CBS and the AR producers want to define "PREDETERMINED." That's what I figure. I mean, to them, it could mean 1 minute before the last team arrives. They could still pass that off as being "predetermined."

    I, too, thought the second NEL was a little "fishy." Who knows. I don't think that there are any clues as to NEL episode or not. There really is no consistency i.e. "The next team may/will be eliminated", "Find out who will be eliminated next/tonight."

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    i think they are really predetermined though coz if not, then Mirna and Charla would probably still be in the race saved by 4 NEL! haha

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    Is it typical to have four teams going into the final episode? I'm assuming the next episode will be NEL since there are only two episodes remaining. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    What will probably happen Pag8891 is that next week is an elimination leg, with a two hour finale that has one non elimination leg in it.
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    Ouch. That means whoever is saved by the last NEL is in a world of hurt. I'd go on, but this isn't a spoiler thread.

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