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Thread: “I liked Him When He Didn’t Have Camera Time” Recap 8-24-04

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_B
    Gonna have to disagree on the "Ass" thing. Colin's racing exactly how I and many of you would, so don't be so quick to deal out such harsh judgement.
    No, I would definitely not be like Colin. If I was on TAR (with my brother of course, he's the only one that could do it (If only CBS will run TAR for about 12 more years then he'd be old enough )

    and he absolutely loves the race! Another M&C fan too. It must run in the family or something ), we'd probably be more like a Mirna and Charla team.

    We'd take time to enjoy the sights, we'd probably be the major goofballs, and that'd probably make some people hate our guts. We'd take all the help we can get!
    Oh and Cali, great calicap you got there! It's almost as good as the real thing!
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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    AR Boy
    I don't know why, but I found Colin's immaturity utterly funny after the police were called in.

    Yea he's an ass.

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    Cali, don't hold back, hon, tell us how you really feel. I don't know about you, but I think Colin's an ass. Run, Christie, run now, while you can.

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    Colin before we got to know him
    Colin after he showed his true colors

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    I thought Colin was right about everything he said. He handled the situation just like he should have. ....... If it was Bizarro Amazing Race!!!!!!! Isn't that where everything is backwards/opposite of what it should be?

    A few comments and/or some lowlights that were left out of your most wonderful recap...
    * Who thinks that Colin would've continued to be just as big an ass, if in fact, the president had shown up? Anyone on the face of the earth could've shown up there, and he'd still have been "right".
    * When the "boss" of the K Police asks, "I'm a police officer. This here is a police station. You see?" All Colin could "see" was an inferior person in an inferior country trying to tell him what to do / that he was wrong.
    * When going back to join the Racers that were actually behaving like adults, the Moms ask "did you get away with it?". That is clearly phrased to imply that they thought he was wrong. Probably everyone there agreed.
    * When C&C were heading for one of the clues, Colin looks back for slower-than-him Christie, and yells "Christie!" and like he's calling a pet. Nice.

    And, on a more cheery note.
    Did you notice Chip ask the cabbies, "How much? Free?" Ahhh, he found the Famous Free Cabs of Dubai. I've always heard about those.

    And, it's the Burj al Arab hotel. Pretty freakin' nice place, huh? Tiger Woods whacked a few golf balls off of that helipad about 2 weeks after the Race was there.

    And, did you see one of the Twins throwing her arm up in the air and waving it around like she was riding a mechanical bull, during the camel ride?

    Next week, more Colin fun-ness. "I'M! PACKING! IT!"

    Let's hope he means his bag to Sequesterville. Probably another NEL though. So, for those of you that claim you don't like those, get over it -- you know you watch and love it anyway, and oh yeah, you can just go wait over there!
    There are three cigars in the humidor --- My yo-yo has no string --- Isn't that rather misshapen?
    It's supposed to bend that way, I'm Italian! --- I bring new meaning to the phrase 'Blown out of proportion'! --- My puzzle has one piece missing

    Thanks, TAR4 ATC Dave and TAR4 ATCSteve!

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    And I thought Colin was cute - at first. But, I have to agree he is an ass and a whole lot more! It would be fun to imagine him paired up with Allison. That would be a match made in hell.

    I agree with someone who said he might become physically abusive to Christy. Well he is now emotionally abusive, so the move to physical is not far off. I hope she wises up and dumps him.

    Whether you agree with the rules in another country or not, it is their country not yours. I think the police officer was more than tolerant with the "ass___e". He could have thrown Colin in jail and, in my opinion, probably should have just to teach him a lesson.

    My personal favorites are Chip and Kim. He is such a cheerful, upbeat person who is really enjoying the adventure. She is sweet and supportive of him and doesn't browbeat him when he makes silly mistakes (and he has made a few - like giving the big tip to the cab driver). They seem so compatible and still in love after 24 years. I hope they win!!

    Next, I am rooting for the bowling moms - they get along well and are also enjoying the thrill of the race and adventure of traveling.

    The twins are clueless much of the time and Brandon and Nicole . . . well too much of the religious stuff for me. Sorry, kids but I think Jesus has other things to worry about rather then helping you win the race and $1 million (like terrorism, sick and starving kids, etc. etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    nope. not me. not for a moment.

    there's a difference between being competitive and being an ass to everyone he has contact with ... including the woman he claims to love. :phhht
    I so agree with you Bare....not me either...not for a moment. in the beginning the talk of his psycho stare and intensity (Colin) I noticed all that, but that didn't mean a bad thing per say...
    BUT now...he has overstepped so many basic human "niceities" He is rude and condecending and brutal. He believes himself to be above others...all others...other teams, other races, other sexes. Poor Christie. but she enables his sicko attitude. :phhht :phhht
    I also agree the dysfunctionals (C&C) are racing a really good race when it comes to the functionality of the race. They have the little headlamps and think ahead and have what seems to be a huge amount of practical knowledge.
    BUT..I am so disappointed in Colin's behavior and attitude. so disappointed in Christie. I love TAR but if Colin and Christie win... I can't say I won't watch again, but my adoration in all things TAR diminishes. :rolleyes
    No one can prevent the teams from behaving like they do, or abusing the local people and their customs. BUT a line must be drawn. WE can't reward a team just for "winning" when culture and custom and humanity come into play. A penalty must be paid for the kind of behavior we have seen this season. I find it demeaning and unacceptable. Maybe it made for good tv, but I watch TAR the class it has above other "reality" show. I won't be a part of another season of "Colin" type behavior.
    "steps off soapbox now"

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    I'm back...
    sorry to be so negative...
    so now positive.
    I love Chip and Kim. Their appreciation of the world in which they live is beautiful. The moms are cool. They never attack. They show frustation, but don't give up and don't stoop to low levels.
    I could go on and on, but IMHO these 2 teams are what TAR is about. Totally in support of each other. Aware of the glory around them during the race. Appreciating the locals (mostly Chip and Kim) and never talking down to anyone. Presenting a good side of the Ugly American.
    It is one thing to be frustrated and angry with personal performance....taking it out on the land and locals in which one is a VISITOR is in all ways wrong and spoiled and reprehesible. ( looks to be spelled wrong...sorry)
    omg...stepping down again..chopping soapbox into firewood

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    Did you notice Chip ask the cabbies, "How much? Free?" Ahhh, he found the Famous Free Cabs of Dubai. I've always heard about those.
    If you remember, Chip asked 4 or 5 taxi drivers if they knew where this airfield was. All said No until this guy. And what reward does he get for his knowledge of the area? He gets stiffed by Chip. And left in the middle-of-nowhere. The cabbie in Africa, who got the $20 tip was right at the Airport, where there probably were passengers looking for transport.

    The Cabbie probably didn't want to say anything in front of the cameras, but he had to be very annoyed to come all this way, get underpaid and then have to return to the city with lost income for all the time he was away.

    If I were Kim, i'd insist she handle all the money for the next leg, else Chip and Kim will probably end up trying to hitchike on the highway the next time they run out of money.

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    dallas, fer sure
    thanks so much for the great recap, cali! i meant to watch on tuesday but got caught up doing something else. i didn't think it would be a big deal since they re-air it on saturdays. on saturday, i plopped down in front of the tv to find that it was pre-empted by a pre-season nfl game.

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