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Thread: “I liked Him When He Didn’t Have Camera Time” Recap 8-24-04

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    Colin and Christie 3 am

    Ass. Grade A ass. Man, it’s Thursday, and it’s still all I can think of to write.

    Linda and Karen 3:06 am

    The moms… what? I have to think of something else for Colin and Christie’s paragraph? Darn it…. Fine.

    Colin and Christie 3 am

    Ass. Grade A ass. UHG! OK, so lets see
    I couldn't agree more. Fantastic job again Cali.

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    Chiming in with the same agreement -- ass to the twins by demanding their help with no thank you and ass to the cab driver and policemen and ass to Christie.

    Thanks for the funny recap.

    I like the twins, but with their spaciness, I'd much rather the moms or Chip & Kim win.

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    Great recap, as always. But you did miss one of my favorite examples of Colin being an ass -- when they are outside the cab and the cabbie is saying he doesn't have a spare because he's driving on the spare, and Colin pointed his finger and started waving it around saying "Very bad. That's very bad" as though the cabbie is a small child, not a full-grown man. Complete "Ugly American Ass" right there. :phhht

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    ....I have a talk with my daughter and her boyfriend. I didn’t need to, as they both agree with me anyway.
    Is your daughter the aforementioned thirteen-year-old who came up with the title of your recap? If so, it's interesting to note that your thirteen-year-old appears to be more mature than Colin. But then again, so is my 3-year old neice...

    Great recap, cali!

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    Thanks guys

    GoBlue.. yes, I did miss that... or rather didn't put it in the recap, I did notice it on the show. That's two Ugly American things Colin did that didn't make the recap... and I thought the paragraph was long

    Lobeck... I kind of think Colin is an ass

    Space... yep, that would be my daughter and I have a feeling your niece is more mature than Colin.
    For the record, my daughters boyfriend wasn't over watching it on Tuesday night at 10, he watched the recorded show Wednesday before soccer. For some reason I felt the need to explain that
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    Actually, when you put it THAT way...

    Quote Originally Posted by cashour
    Of all the people to help, why help the consistent first place team? Help the slower team (moms) and hope that Colin can't catch up. Dumb strategy. Now they are in last place!
    IF it was a deliberate strategy, it makes SOME sense to try to get some credit with the consistently fast team, see if they can pay the favor back at some point...(of course, that strategy sort of depends on the faster team not being an ASS)...and to not help the slower team who will then be behind you...being slow.

    If you help the slower team, you only hurt yourself as they, now will not be as slow as they would have been and they'll challenge you and possibly force you out of the race. As counter-intuitive as it must seem, helping the faster team doesn't change whether or not they're fast or not.

    And while K&K's car DID have a spare for C&C's cab...do you really think they carried any oil?

    (I would have stopped for both teams, but I would have grumbled about helping C&C...of course, I was in Seattle at the time and wouldn't have been much help.)

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    In hindsight, stopping or not stopping would not have made a difference in the grand scheme of things. For me, as much as I would have liked to help the ass, I would have kept driving. The moms, on the other hand... I would have stopped to see if there was anything I could do.

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    Charla and Mirna are nothing compared to Colin

    I know what it's like to be in an abusive relationship like that. Colin is just a pussy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexa
    Great recap but you forgot the best part....colin to the officer at police station...."do you speak english?".....officer replies, "yes, do you speak Swahili?".....
    I hollered right out loud at that one when I heard it. It was the highlight for me (since Collin didn't land in jail).

    Oh, and Callie, why don't you tell us what you really think about Collin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Kami and Karli 3:12 am

    Karli sees a flag marking the entrance, but Kami has decided to slow down, and wants to follow the cab in front of them. She feels as though they’ve made too many quick decisions, and it hasn’t worked for them in the past. Karli is upset as she knows that the flag marked the entrance. Of course the cab they are following holds Brandon and Nicole, and when both cabs turn around to go the marked entrance that Karli saw, Kami assures her sister that they can beat Brandon and Nicole in a foot race to the plane.
    Great recap cali

    I'll give Kami a break on this one because I think she was having a flashback to when they saw the flag at the casino entrance in South America and missed the clue box across the street and then had to go back to the hotel after arriving at the pit stop. I believe that's what she meant by not wanting to make quick decisions.
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