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Thread: “I liked Him When He Didn’t Have Camera Time” Recap 8-24-04

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    Yes, this does make sense because they are talking about thinking things through, but it sure was funny to me to hear them say it.
    That was one of the funniest moments of the week to me

    Oh, and Colin has managed to pass JFP on my list of biggest reality show a-holes.
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    Great Calicap I hate Colin

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    Great cali-cap!! And I concur about the ass-ness. It just really irks me that they keep getting 1st place. Karma, anytime now would be great...

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    When Christie apologized to Colin for her behavior I said "He doesn't mean to hit me. It's my fault anyway, I deserved it". This pretty much sums up their relationship. He treats her like sh*t and she thinks it's OK because he really loves her. Unbelievable. I REALLY hope they get eliminated soon. My Partner commented that we never saw how much of an ass he was before. I had to disagree. I think we got a fairly good look right from episode 1.

    Here's a question, have they ever had two non-elimination rounds in a row? I can't recall.

    I think what Chip was trying to explain to Nicole was what being a Christian was all about. From what I've read, she's new to the whole Christian thing. She should take a lesson from Chip and Kim on how to conduct themselves and how to support one another. I really love those two. For me I'd love to see them or the Moms finish first.

    The twins are still dumber than a box of hair. The footage of them next week attempting to look sexy while trying to get money from strangers was nauseating.

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    Great recap but you forgot the best part....colin to the officer at police station...."do you speak english?".....officer replies, "yes, do you speak Swahili?".....
    He does know Swahili! Hakuna Matata!
    Yes, Colin is an ASS.
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    I enjoyed the recap and agree with opinions on Colin. Maybe we can see a little of why Mirna was so rude to him - I think he picked on them too.

    The twins are indeed dumb. Of all the people to help, why help the consistent first place team? Help the slower team (moms) and hope that Colin can't catch up. Dumb strategy. Now they are in last place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Colin and Christie 3 am

    Ass. Grade A ass. UHG!

    The twins, who know they are in last place, figure that what they need to do is slow down. Yes, this does make sense because they are talking about thinking things through, but it sure was funny to me to hear them say it.

    For some reason they figure that helping Colin was enough and that God would be happy with that and help them later. I am slightly disappointed, but a race is a race, so I won’t hold it against them too much. I figure God will “pay them back” too, in his own little way.

    They get on the camel and decide that the GPS is just like a compass. Personally I’d have liked to see the teams try to use a compass to get there, but the producers are too nice for that.

    Oh, Colin is an ASS!!
    As always, excellent recap Cali.

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    As much as I hated Mirna...it appears she was correct in her analysis of Colin...he is Napoleonic & an ASS!!!!! :phhht

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    Thanks again for another great recap, Cali!!

    Does your family know that you are using their quotes as titles?
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    Excellent job, Cali! But, I have a question...

    What do you think of Colin?

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