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Thread: Next episode--cutting off the hair?!

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    I cannot wait for tonight's episode!!! I really hope Chip and Kim do it soley for the fact that I want them in the lead, and I think they'd take it pretty well. I don't think Brandon and Nikki would do it. I think the bowling moms would, and I doubt the twins would.

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    In last week's preview for tonight's show, this roadblock task was shown and Colin is saying to Christie, "I am packing it!"

    I would assume that they have to make a certain number of clay bricks that meet the approval of a foreman who'll give them the next clue.
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    I think no team left in the race would get to the FF and then decide not to do it because of its requirement. Even Brandon and Nicole could suck in their pride and cut it off for (possibly) a cool million.

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