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Thread: Next episode--cutting off the hair?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    I am mom and I have been with my husband for 19 years so technically I have "no one to impress" but damn... it's my hair I'd be highly surprised if any one does it as there is a female on every team.
    I'm with ya on this one cali! I got about 18 inches taken off my hair (this woman really "butch"ered it (if ya know what I mean). That was at the beginning of summer. I'm still reeling from it. People keep telling me how fast my hair is growing and that helps a little. I just feel like some of my feminity went with my long hair. :rolleyes Sounds petty and vain, but it's true.

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    How dumb is this....I'd be afraid of doing it because of my irrational fear of having a really ugly head.
    The hair could go, no problem, mine's never been longer than shoulder length in my life, but I've long suspected i have a weird head (oddly bumpy, freckly, etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired
    I just hope you know that I wasn't trying to be rude or condescending. You even said it was probably because you were 15, and I respect that. I just want to advise you how lucky you are NOT to have to worry about crap like that.

    Be young. Enjoy it while you can. You should be in no hurry to grow up and worry about paying bills. Just realize that a 1/4 chance at a million dollars doesn't come around every day, but hair will grow back. =) Then, if you ever find yourself in a predicament like TAR, you can think of that sage advice and go ahead with it.

    A million dollars would have me financially set for life so I'd jump at the chance, as would most of you (at least those who have the bills to pay and families to support). I don't have kids, but as a grad student, the student loans are piling up fast. I don't have to worry about them now, but I do dread the day when I have to. With $1 million, I could live off the interest and comfortably pay my bills.

    But TAR competitors do have to split the prize with a partner (except for C&K who as a married couple are basically one). They also have to give a portion to Uncle Sam. So I wonder how much each contestant actually walks away with as the winner. Any guesses?
    No problem because I know you weren't trying to be condescending or rude. Great post!!

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    I'd most like to see Brandon & Nicole "suffer" through the hairlessness. Model boy with his long curly locks, and beauty queen.

    But, alas, I have a feeling that the first team that gets the clue that includes the FF will opt for it (knowing they have a fairly large lead on other teams so they know no one else has already taken it), then when they arrive to do the FF task they'll learn of the consequences (baldness), decide to bail out, and go back to the normal tasks.

    So, in the end, I'm guessing that no one will do it. Bummer!
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    Thanks, TAR4 ATC Dave and TAR4 ATCSteve!

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    Brandon and Nicole won't go for it, at Miss Texas Nicole had her same hair and it didn't grow back that fast...unless it was a wig

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    I don't think of myself as particularly vain, but I doubt I would shave my head, particularly if there was a decent chance I could go back and do the regular tasks for the race. I've kept my hair waist length for 25 years, and I like it long.

    This is the first season I've watched TAR. Can a team go back and do the non-FF tasks if they end up disliking the FF they chose?

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    This is where I'm dumbfounded...usually the FF clue has what they have to do in it, so if it doesn't include going bald on the FF clue, all the teams will go for it. That is, until they learn about the bald part. Moms or twins is my guess.


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    hmm... maybe i'm speculating here, but maybe the FF is that teams have to perform the ritual of shaving their hair to become a monk, as it's very possible in india..... wonder who will do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by |eogeO
    According to CBS website, One Team chooses to go for the Fast Forward but is shocked to learn they must shave their heads. Will they do it and take the Fast Forward?

    So i guess onli ONE team goes for the FF and they are required to shave bald. Both members. The twins could go for it. After all, they will still look like twins at the end of the ordeal. The mums are also willing to do anything to stay in the race but i doubt Miss Texas would sacrifice her tresses.
    ohhh i didnt see that. I was going off of memory of what Phil said during the promo at the end of the show.

    Chip has an advantage. His head is already shaved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pugdaddy
    yourefired, I don"t think the sag minimums are that high ($1000) a day. In another post dave (from tar4) suggested that he received @1750. I think they were on for 6 episodes, so that makes it around $300 a day.

    Okay, maybe it's $1000 for the BB people because they do 3 shows a week. Plus, they are on the live feeds all the time.

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