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Thread: Winning Team Possible *Spoiler*

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    If this info is true, I will be so happy. I really want to see Colin and Christie win this race, as they are the best team right now. Either them or Brandon and Nicole.

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    OMG, Jebber that was so funny!
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpio88
    If this info is true, I will be so happy. I really want to see Colin and Christie win this race, as they are the best team right now. Either them or Brandon and Nicole.
    The New Zealand race is really awesome! I hope Christie and Colin wins the race! I know that some people would react on this but - obviously, Colin and Christie deserved to win!

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    Hi Snowqueen! Pinay din ako! And also an avid Colin & Christie fan! Did you happen to see Alcobobaz live journal? I'm trying to post the link but there's some error occurs. He actually witnessed the teams who got to the Coconut Palace and he has some pictures(w/o the teams)... he said he knew the arrival of each teams and who got last but he couldnt say which team though( i actually has an inkling that no one was eliminated coz he said to quote "we were able to watch the teams arrive and get eliminated(?)" with a question mark! so that may mean that no one was eliminated right?

    Hope C & C wins, i read from pinoyexchange spolier forum that C & C did not win, hope it's not true!!!!

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    I've been a 3 different "game shows" and the rule was always the same...you don't get any money until the episode where you win it actually airs. Now, I'm not sure if those are the rules for the amazing race...but I would think so.

    Nevertheless, they MAY have won, and are spending money because they know it is eventually coming...
    kitty-cats rule!

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    Hey Virgo_girl...can you tell me the site where u got that spoiler???

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    The entry with this alcobobaz LiveJournal can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/alcobobaz/4832.html

    It's doesn't really add to the spoilers that we have, but it tells us two things: where the rice-plowing task takes place, and the identity of the greeter.

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    for the sake of others i'll post it here. i only copy it from other sites.

    here it goes.

    >i updated this story na. i can already say which teams got here since they already showed na kami and karli got eliminated...<

    So the producers of the show said we could already say that we're working for THE AMAZING RACE!!!! baby!! i cant believe i can tell people that i worked for a hollywood tv show! and one of my favorites as well! WAY COOL!!

    here's my amazing race experience:
    Me and my mom got to the coconut palace (the pitstop by the way)at 8am. Chinky(nicola's sister) came 15 minutes after. My other cousins- Miguel, Niko, his gf Nicola and Kitton were all assigned to be the PA's for the Kalabaw and Duck Farm at Laguna. They get to see all the action! But we get to see the elimination! hehe. Plus, the coconut palace is a better place to hang out and wait than a Kalabaw farm. hehe. Oh. and since my mom also used to work for the movie indusry, she was assigned to be the head PA of the pitsop..

    So back to me and chinky.. since nobody was there pa, we talked muna mostly bout tv shows-amazing race(of course) and american idol. haha.Then the producers arrived at 8:30 so we helped in setting up the amazing race mat and sign!!( i actually touched the mat all the contestans have been stepping on for the past 5 years!! haha woopee).tita tina came as luli arroyo's(the greeter) P.a. , my cousin Franco then came with Phil(the host!)

    The idea of working as a Production Assistant for the Amazing Race really got me all excited(i mean, who wouldnt?!) so i was all giddy even though we were picking up trash all over the place.

    When I found out that my job as a Production Assistant was to be the lookout outside the coconut palace for the arriving teams, i was hella excited. Imagine, If it wouldnt be for me, the people inside(the pitsop was at the garden facing Manila Bay)waiting wouldnt be ready for the cameras and stuff haha! talk about a big responsibility! hehehe. but then, it started to rain real hard so they gave me a different job instead- tagapayong ng host at ni luli arroyo habang naghihintay sila dumating yung mga contestants.nyok. at first i thought "ayos!! makikita ako sa scene!!" but the producer told me na once the contestants arrive, i should get out of the way. pffffffft. bad trip. hehehe. from being the lookout to being the alalay. hehe. but anyway, it was still cool.

    And since the coconut palace was the pitstop, we were able to watch the teams arrive and get eliminated(?) haha! that means i know who stays and who gets booted out! but im not saying!!!( i can use this to my advantage when studio 23 shows this on air and asks who gets eliminated every week!)

    So the teams arrived one by one. and they were REALLy fast. and i mean REALLY FAST. at about 2pm, we got a radio message that they arrived in the philippines already..at about 3, all four teams were already in laguna and at about 4:30, they were all in Roxas Boulevard na! grabe. saludo ako sa mga teams! imagine, they had to take jeepneys or buses from laguna to get to the coconut palace. for people who have never used public jeepneys and busses before, they sure were good. talo pako. i dont even know how to commute. and another factor i think that made it faster for them is that pinoys know how to speak in english. oh! and one funny thing, my tito(the philippine producer) was of course in the airport when the teams were arriving and he told us that when the teams with cameras all over arrived and started to run, all the people daw in the airport were like "UY!! TINGNAN MO! SURVIVOR! SURVIVOR!!" wahahaa.

    All the teams arrived at the pitstop at around 5-6pm. We werent allowed to, but I took pics and videos with my cellphone! haha. During dinner, the power went out so all the teams(and us)had to eat in the dark.

    After dinner, the teams had their interviews(the part when they talk about what happened to them, bla bla) and after their interview, chinky and i were assigned to bring the contestants to the hotel! wooh! hehe. Chinky went with Chip and Kim & Linda and Karen while I went with Brandon and Nicole & Colin and Christie. Two stinky chicks in the car with me! woohoo. hehe and can i just say that i actually talked to Nicole! I asked her "Excuse me, is this jacket yours?" ahahha! even though i know it wasnt hers! hehehehe.

    so yeah, after bringing them to the hotel, we went home na. Got home at 8:30 pm. i slept for a while then my mom woke me up again at 1am! oh god. we have to go back to the pitstop to shoot the departure scene!

    so we got there at 2am. brownout pa! the producers and then the teams came. i took pics with my cellphone camera again! hehe. then one of the producers told me to throw the amazing race clues,detours, road blocks, airport stubs, yields, id's and envelopes that the teams left behind. and of course, i couldnt decline. I did throw it, but not in the trash...I threw it in my car! I'm not going to throw out something that made a HUGE DEAL
    for me! i hope they understand that. hehe.

    so once all the teams left the pitstop(theyre going to palawan next), my Amazing race experience was finished. haay.everything finished at 4:30am..we got home at 5am. i took a bath then slept!!

    any filipino peeps in here? kindly translate it in english coz i don't have the patience to transfer it in english... i'm lazy thanks!

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    There is a spoiler on another board saying that the Bowling Moms finally land 1st place on the mat this coming leg. If this turns out to be true, then they should be given a grand luxury cruise around the world!
    Halfway around the world, I greet you "Mabuhay!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonman64
    There is a spoiler on another board saying that the Bowling Moms finally land 1st place on the mat this coming leg. If this turns out to be true, then they should be given a grand luxury cruise around the world!
    it also says that brandon & nicole use the yield on chip & kim. as a result, chip & kim end up in last place, but it is supposedly a non-elimination episode.

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