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Thread: “What if you don’t like eggs?” Recap 8-17-04

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    Although I really really disliked charla and mirna (ok just mirna) I wanted them to stick around and for colin and christy to go before them. My distaste for colin and christy grew in this episode. The whole blocking the door thing was extremely rude, charla should have bit her in the kneecap. Then the fact that Christy was giggling about it afterward, reminded me of a horrid cheerleader girl in high school that has just done something incredibily mean and needs to gloat about it because she's so insecure. Anyways I hope next week colin really gets locked in jail and they get eliminated.

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    I read somewhere that you can buy as many tickets as u want as long as they are refundable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali

    Chip and Kim 6:01 am

    Kim feels they can win the whole race now. Chip says it really brains over brawn.
    ...the irony being that they owe their only two first place positions to Chip's iron stomach

    I'm noticing a pattern here, does anyone else besides me think that maybe the different bus fares was a rig not by the drivers but by CBS?! Think about it, people. It's a mystery charge for bus transportation depending on when you arrive. It could be true but I dunno much about how businesses like public transportation is run in Tanzania. We cant assume that all Africans rip tourists off, that would be too cruel.

    And CBS may have found a way to make the episodes more interesting with money problems, such as with the new NEL twists and especially with the episode that was on last night
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