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Thread: Is TAR dumbing down?

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    Well, I do agree that TAR has seemed to be more Fear Factor-ish lately because of all the food challenges. I'm hoping that there'll be more mentally challenging ones soon. Those really stress out the races, and make them more likely to make mistakes.

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    Okay, bear with me here..

    Isn't the reason Charla wanted to do the race is to prove she and Mirna could do anything another team could do? I mean, Charla doesn't have to drive, that's why she has a partner. I think there's another reason for the non-driving of this year. Although I have no clue what that reason is.

    The one time I do remember them driving, the brothers got a flat tire, some teams got stuck in the mud, other teams got lost, and Mirna assaulted a prostitute in a 'disco outfit.'

    So, if that's any indication, let 'em drive! It'll be hilarious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel
    I completely agree with the originator of this thread. It was most entertaining to watch the players have to figure out where they were supposed to go, how they should get there, and what to do when they did get there. It took brain power, logical thinking, and team cooperation to solve many of the challenges. I'd much rather watch that than simply who has the strongest stomach. It was what made TAR a notch better than all the others and a deserving Emmy winner. I hope they reverse the dumbing down trend.

    Agreed, now it just seems like a glorified "Fear Factor" with all these disgusting eating challenges. If I want to see people vomiting after consuming large quantities of supposed "delicases" (sp?), I'll tune into Fear Factor thank you.

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    Personally I think they have added the food challenges to attract some new watchers, by making it a little bit more Fear Factor like. After all there will be more talk by the water cooler afterwards about someone eating gross food than coming down a hill with a rope. And food challenges are a bit of mental competition as well; can they block their mind from what they are eating and just do it? Some can, some can't. Also, I think it evens out the field to less physical people, not just Charla, but also the overweight competitors who might not be as fast on their feet or as agile as say, Colin & his maid, are. It would be fun to see puzzles, and those "here's the picture, find it now" tasks, but maybe they are yet to come. I have thought this season has been one of the most fun ever, mostly because these people really have personalities. It is not just one "flo" there to watch, there is something about every team this year (good and bad).
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    Personally I think they have added the food challenges to attract some new watchers, by making it a little bit more Fear Factor like. After all there will be more talk by the water cooler afterwards about someone eating gross food than coming down a hill with a rope.

    It seems to be working, too. When it was a more cerebral and exciting show, though Emmy-awarded, it was not watched as much. Last Friday, the TAR team was on the cover of our newspaper's weekly TV guide with a story about how it's gaining in viewer popularity

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    I agree with the poster on this thread. I was just discussing this with one of my friends the other day. I miss them just showing a picture or naming a landmark and the teams having to figure it out. This season they really have not done any were you go to a location and find the flag. I think there was one season were they had to go to the Taj Mahal and look all over for the clue. This season the clues always seem to be easily visible, to most teams at least.
    I am also disappointed in the YIELD. They need to get rid of it and bring back the fast forward!
    I still enjoy the AR and will continue to watch it but I hope they make some more changes before S6!

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    In ep1 the eating thing in China involved getting the items in a huge market. I think the items were written in Chinese, so the teams HAD to get help from the locals. Even though it was eating, you had to use your brain to find the items.

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    I guess the company just wanted to make this season a little bit more different. I don't think it has anything to do with Charla being in the race. I pretty sure I read somewhere the entire race is planned out before casting. Although I wish there was more driving and more mental challenges, it is still a good season. *Tar3 was the best* I also heard about the map thing, where there are no maps just this time O_o.
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    OK, I am still pretty much a TAR newbie and all, but out of the seasons I did see, I think they made an excellent casting choice! I mean, have you ever seen anyone as exuberant as Mirna & Charla and Linda & Karen? Not me.

    I don't know about the challenges, but maybe this was what made TAR5 the best rated one yet?

    Besides, I don't think the less driving had anything to do with Charla. That's why there are Teams you know...
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    Although I too have been disappointed at the number of food challenges in this season, I also felt that some past ARs were too physical. Tian and Jaree were a very fit team, but some of the tasks toward the end were almost beyond them to complete. It seems that the producers have tried to even out the physical requirements this year, while still trying to retain some element of excitement - as we see people attempt things they never would have done at home (the ziplines, the hangliding, etc).

    I hope they keep working on the balance between the physical challenges, the mental challenges, and the "culture-shock" types of challenges. Right now, the mental part does seem lacking. And it was more interesting to watch than a bunch of people eating eggs.
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