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Thread: Is TAR dumbing down?

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    I remember one challenge where they were given a flag and told to go to a place in the capital city. It was Tunisia, and how many people would just know that with out a bit of research.
    I have a feeling you are right , and had the stop been there this year they would have just said go to Tunis Tunisia.

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    Maybe the course designers had to hurriedly dumb down this course when they saw that Kami & Karli couldn't even find the clue boxes right in front of them on the early legs...

    "Screw it, let 'em eat eggs..."

    Wait a minute.


    Hey, there's the theme, huh? "Creation" room of the Pyramid, fish eggs, ostrich eggs... The fact that there are no more all male teams left...I'VE GOT IT! The final roadblock of the tour will be...A TEAM MEMBER WILL HAVE TO GIVE BIRTH!!!

    It may take 9 months...but I'm sure Phil will be patient.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13
    Maybe the course designers had to hurriedly dumb down this course when they saw that Kami & Karli couldn't even find the clue boxes right in front of them on the early legs...

    "Screw it, let 'em eat eggs..."
    Heh, I am pretty sure the whole course of the race is created before even casting the racers. I am kind of disappointed too but it's the amazing race, although there wasn't many amazing things yet. Hopefully the future legs are better
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    While I agree the Fear Factor, eat until you gag, is getting annoying.. I think they took out alot of the thought processes, even with the lack of the FF, but then they added the ever elusive Yield that no one seems to find... but I agree they could stand to do a few more things.. I think the drivnig is down because they are in poor countries and things now anyway.. Gas guzzling is more of an American and European thing where we have money for day to day thigns like food and water... so, I can understand why we haven't done that recently.. I think if we went to Asia, or Australia, we could see the return of some great driving.. and driving in the busy streets of some place like Tokyo, or big cityscape in Japan or China... hahaha.. fun fun fun..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    I dunno...if they add puzzles, Kami and Karli's head might explode from thinking too much....

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    Driving.. or should I say LACK of driving......

    I do know that when some friends went to Africa, they were advised to hire their own driver for safety reasons. Don't know about the other countries though.

    I do have to say, this is probably my LeAST favorite A.R. series. Most of the teams are not fun to watch. I can only take so much argueing in one day, name calling, etc.... Aren't these supposed to be adults?

    I do wish ALL of the teams were more like the Bowling Moms or Chip and Kim. Down to earth and past the adolescent B.S. that the rest of the teams have stooped down to. The b.s involved with this current race makes me thankful I don't have teenagers or early 20 somethings, makes me PRAY to god every night that either the Bowling Moms or Chip and Kim win AND that when they DO WIN (and dangling their $1M check in front of the 'youngsters', I can only hope), they give those young'ens a tongue lashing for being so disrespectful throughout the race.

    I REALLY hope that experience, respect, and REAL friendships overpower the young, inexperienced, psudo-abusive relationships of the "BRATS".

    Yes, they have dumbed down. Let's wish for more briany tasks in the upcoming TARs!
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    I've had the same thought about the dumbing down of tasks. The only "brain" task I can think of was the dog walking task in Argentina and both teams that attempted it gave up.

    In past TARs, map reading was a fantastic disaster-prone activity -- I loved that! This TAR really hasn't made the teams have that sort of Milli-meltdown moment.
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    I understand that in this season, there are food challenges, but I think it is mainly done to replace some of the high altitude and extreme sport challenges ( I haven't seen a thing rappelling down a cliff till now) , maybe, i'm just speculating is the issue concerning charla's handicap, and then replaced it with food challenges. However, the race this season also managed to put in some mental challenges in Ep 5 ( Put the puzzle on the map and find the location ), which left Kami and Karli hopelessly wondering about the puzzle! Besides that, the clue in Ep1 proved misleading as 2 teams didn't know their reference point as it meant.. opposite the hotel! The race could incorporate more mental challenges, and clues that stimulate teams to think... that would be exciting. I think that Charla would fare well at this, as she figured out the pyramid puzzle quickly, but what is done is done

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    I have been very disappointed in the set-up of the race, for the most part.

    It's all about planes and taxi drivers. Too many teams are being eliminated based on that, which has been more about luck.

    I really wish it was more cerebral, and less volume eating. I'd like the women to have more of a chance -- even if I did think it was funny that Chip just downs everything. That's also why I dislike the underwater survivor challenges (women's lungs are smaller than men's lungs). The foot race doesn't bother me so much even tho it does favor men. But, the volume eating -- in place of figuring out the clues or more cerebral challenges -- does bother me.

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    Didn't I read something before the race stating that the teams would be deprived of maps? If you notice they now have rather legthy instructions typed out in the travel packets and notes on the stearing wheels. Except for maps for a particular task (walking the dogs to the 3 points) I don't remember seeing maps being used. Unlike last season when the TianJarines tied into it after Tain yanked a map away from Jaree.

    That may be the reason for the "go here, do that" mentality. I really enjoyed the clue from a past season to find a country based on a flag and find a building based on a picture.

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