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Thread: 8/17 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xantham Gum
    How about just not having non-elimination legs at all? What is their purpose other than to artificially prolong the series?
    Uhh...rhetorical question? Heh...they have 3 (maybe) teams in the finish-line leg, and with 11 teams to start, that would only make for 9 episodes. They want 13, so they throw in 4 "Non-elimination legs" instead of just starting with 15 teams (too many).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xantham Gum
    I am glad Charla was able to prove her goal but I will not miss Mirna. She reminds me of those rude Middle-Eastern people who own and run all those rip-off electronics stores you see in every major city in America. Come to think of it, aren't those all run by Syrians? They may be her relatives.
    I am really uncomfortable with the racism inherent in this comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuy
    I don't know why they don't just impose a time penalty on the last place team in a NEL; say, an hour. Since it took the Bowling Moms only about 20 minutes to get enough money to start the leg in Egypt, an hour penalty would've actually been worse for them.

    TPTB like to talk about how the the Racers should be interacting with the locals, but then they force them to beg. It just gives me a queasy feeling.
    How many of us have begged money on the streets? To strangers, even?
    How many of us looked down to the people who beg money on the streets?

    I believe the NEL penalty for Bowling Moms was appropriate. Well, of course, it might be easier for them since there are cameras around them, so people believed them when they beg, but still, the experience to beg for money, and having no money at all is not something a lot of people have.

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