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Thread: **Possible Spoiler**Final 3 & locations

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    In the insider interview, Christie explained that Colin put too much oil into the scrambled ostrich egg. This may explain why he looks more sick than the others. The only other contestant that I'm sure threw up was Kami.

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    newbie here! btw, i love B&N! NICOLE is HOT! brandons is adorkable

    i'm excited coz i live in metropolitan manila plus the fact that they did go here! i hope they would visit nice areas here. El Nido Palawan is a paradise!

    anyways... i'm from the philippines and i'm going to post some details of what would they do here!

    here is what happened according to some filipino's who saw the actual race...

    1.) "If I am not mistaken, Feb 25 ws the date they were in Manila right?
    Shocks, we actually go to Pasay City about 9 AM in that day for Digital LG Challenge in Cantada Sports Complex...THen it was already 5 PM and we are at Roxas Boulevard, we have a traffic, a policeman said that there is a copmpetition right through, we were singing and singing and have thought that its just a marathon or else or fiesta something, but I totally saw that one of them is from the Amazing Race, its Brandon but I don't see Nicole, cuz its just a snap, I only realized that I really saw him running across the street, is when I have really remembered it clearly now, as I thought they are just one of those foreigners here in Philippines, but I surely noticed Brandon."

    2.) The crew will be arriving in El Nido, Palawan (an island off Manila) on Feb 17, and the cast on the Feb 24/25
    -One of the challenges is to navigate El Nido with the use of compass and map w/o the aide of a fisherman
    -They will climb a bug-infested cococut tree
    -They'll do rock climbing on lagen Island
    -They'll dive on the Big Lagoon

    I think there will also go to Manila and experience the worst traffic they will experience!

    Now, let's go to this Philippine spoiler. The NZ spoiler mentioned a team saying they wanted to go to Hong Kong via Manila, or could it be the other way around? Perhaps, they wanted to go to Manila via Hong Kong because the teams already know that there are no flights into Manila from Auckland. I mean, there really are no flights to Manila, so why would they mention "via Manila"? And besides, ask an
    average American where Manila is, they wouldn't know, so I don't think the teams would ask for a Manila layover. And besides again, why would they need a Manila layover when their supposed destination, Hong Kong, is just 1 1/2 hours away from Manila. I have yet to know layovers that are almost as far as their final destination. Hong Kong is one of the top five major world cities and it doesn't need a lesser known city like Manila to serve as stopover for passengers going there.

    Last Saturday, I was on the MRT (Metro Rail Transit). There was a commotion and I thought something bad had happened. Then I saw foreigners, cameramen following them. They were in a hurry as if chasing someone. I was shocked when I realized that that is actually THE AMAZING RACE. They boarded the train at Kamuning/Bonifacio Avenue station and got off at Ayala station. They got their clue at Ayala. The clue said that they needed to ask 1 peso coins from people for Jeepney fare.

    ^this a subpar attempt at translating the first post. Filipinos are probably laughing at this post.

    *MRT (Metro Rail Transit) is one of the 3 railway system in Manila. It's like the subway... only it's elevated instead of undergorund.

    *Kamuning/Bonifacio Avenue is in Quezon City. About 2 hours away from the international airport. Ayala Avenue is in Makati City - 1 hour away from the international airport.

    *This could mean that they stayed in the Philippines for two legs or this challenge is the second one for the Philippine leg.

    *The jeepney is the most common public transport in the
    Philippines. Fare costs 4 pesos (for the first 4 Km) per person.

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    I haven't seen the original post referred to here, but it's a fairly decent translation. I'm not actively looking for spoilers, but the one given here does agree with what we've heard so far.

    So, in summary, here's all the spoilers for the next episode:
    - The teams come to Manila, and stay in it or in the fairly close vicinity (i.e. several hours drive).
    - The teams go to Laguna, possibly to do the task Colin was shown in the preview. I'd say it's a Roadblock, but that's just a guess.
    - Another task seems to involve public transport. Gathering pesos for jeepneys... that ought to be fun. Seeing the teams ride them will be even more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaycee0521
    oh well... and the trailer kinda showed some of the contestants on a bridge... is it the san juanico?
    No, it's the Auckland Harbour Bridge. From my other post:

    After seeing the 'next week' bit at the end of Episode 10, I noticed that the team looked to be doing some bungy activity underneath what looked like the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Well, I emailed the company who organises this activity and this is what they sent me:
    Hi there,

    Thanks for your email. Yes the Amazing Race did come on to the bridge in
    about February. They didn't participate in any of the products that we
    offer but they did do an activity that was set up by our crew at AJ Hackett
    Bungy Auckland.

    AJ Hackett Bungy and Bridge Climb - Auckland

    Post: PO Box 106 388
    Auckland City
    New Zealand

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    i think that is guadalupe bridge @ mandaluyong...

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    No, it's not the Guadalupe Bridge. I'm pretty sure of that, it doesn't look right for it.

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    guadalupe bridge? i don't think so the river looks clean.. i hope b/n will win in this leg

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    Yeah the preview at CBS.com says something about a roadblock in Auckland, so I'm guessing they do a roadblock, then go to the Philippines So only half a leg in the PI... at least we get one full leg next week!

    I am so excited

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    A road block could be making your way around Megamall alone and without any help...

    LOL! yeah!

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    I just read that tehre is supposed to be a surprise guest appearance from somebody. You think it can be an already booted team?

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