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Thread: Question for TAR Contestants...

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    I read the old "question thread" and I dont remember this being asked:

    Once you get home I know you cant shout about what you did or your position, but are you atleast allowed to tell your signifiant other? (Wife or husband etc.) and what about your kids?

    Also, what did you tell your boss when you had to take off the time to do the race? You didnt tell him you were doing the race did you?

    Also were you allowed to tell your family or close friends (Besides immediate) that you were doing the race? (parents, aunts uncles, cousins)

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    Ask Questions Of Previous Season Racers...

    The sequesterville question is covered in the purgatory thread with quite a bit of detail, as well as most any question (CBS doesn't ban) that is out there about how the game is played out from a behind the scenes view.

    Fans Of Reality TV > The Graveyard > Purgatory > The Amazing Race > Everything you wanted to know about TAR but were afraid to ask

    It's like only the 2nd or 3rd thread under "The Amazing Race" in Purgatory


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    Here is a new question I didn't see in the purgatory thread though, for Dave or any other racers lurking out there....

    Um.... Hold on... It'll come to me... I hate this! I'm not that old, am I?

    Okay, I started this reply on Friday night and couldn't remember my question still. I've just had this window sitting open, minimized on my screen, since then waiting for it to come to me... But now I have finally thought of it...

    I was wondering about waiting in line at the airport waiting to board, could, say, one member of the team make a bathroom and/or food run while the other team member held the place in line, or would you both have to go together and maybe lose your place in line?


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    Wow... I'm awed that one the racers took the trouble to answer my question. But I guess if its already been covered than it looks like I have to go to purgatory.

    I'll look up Brandon and Nicole.

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