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Thread: The Amazing Race 7 Greenlit

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    I love this show and wish I could apply! Would like to see more sister/sister teams, would like to see LESS husband/wife & boyfriend/girlfriend teams. Just for curiosity; how in the world do people take off work for the interviews and of course the race itself? And if they ever team Rudy and Richard -- well, that's it and I'm never going to watch TAR again. They've had their 16 minutes of fame!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldShopper
    And if they ever team Rudy and Richard -- well, that's it and I'm never going to watch TAR again. They've had their 16 minutes of fame!!
    I TOTALLY agree.

    I wish they'd stop casting the model / beauty queen types. I hate listening to pagent talk, the "I want to save the world" types.

    I'd love to see intelligent "average joe" folks with travel experience in the race. Mix intelligence, experience and desire to win.... now THAT would be a real race. I'm sure they're a lot of teams out there that would be interesting to watch from the race aspect. I watch TAR because of the race. The relationship **** is a HUGE annoyance IMO. If there were more of it, I wouldn't watch the show.

    I hope the producers realize this is a RACE and the show should be about the RACE and NOT relationships. Find people who work well together, want to WIN, will provide natural 'entertainment' based on wacky fun personalities. Dump the dating couples and even married couples.

    Or.... how's this for an idea..... Have a "friends" only race or a "married couples" only race, or an "only dating couples" race, etc.... I think that would help level the playing field a bit.

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    Good news!

    I'd love to participate but the only thing holding me back from trying out is the food roadblocks. This isn't Fear Factor, for crying out loud! I wish the producers would recognize the audience is much more interested in watching a team complete a physical or intellectual task than trying to eat local delicacies or unnatural amounts of food.

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    I did enjoy the ostrich egg thing last night. That will be something to talk about the rest of your life. "Yes, I ate an ostrich egg. ALL of it."
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    Quote Originally Posted by wanna-be-racer
    ...I wish they'd stop casting the model / beauty queen types...

    ...intelligent "average joe" folks with travel experience...

    ...Find people who work well together, want to WIN, will provide natural 'entertainment' based on wacky fun personalities.

    Dump the dating couples and even married couples.
    Well, as a member of your proposed "dump the..." category, I sure hope not.

    We are definitely not "model/beauty", we are absolutely "average joe", and (usually, ..., okay sometimes) "work well together", we "want to win", and there'd surely be a few "wacky" moments thrown in.

    I think the relationship (read "drama") is inescapable. They are going to be drawn to the long-distance, met-over-the-internet, separated, reconciling, ... Sometimes those couples turn out to be watchable (Michael/Kathy), other times not so much (Tara/Wil). But, I'd be just as happy with your proposed criteria (ie happy couples). Tell me we wouldn't have gotten some enjoyment out of watching more episodes with Amanda/Chris. Or, even the not-a-real-chance-to-win Steve/Debra.

    I enjoyed all TARs to differing degrees, but hold out hope (both for my possible racing prospects, or more likely just for watching pleasure) that future TARs will return to a more "average joe" (and I don't mean rejected applicants to that show) cast. I don't necessarily hope to be repulsed by the photos when the next cast is announced. But, it would be a refreshing step in the right direction to look at the photos of the next 20 or so Racers, and not think that 15 or so of them are "better looking" than 90% of the people you pass on the street. And, not be able to "connect" them to either each other, or any former Racers. And, not find a statistically significant excessive number of former/current/wannabe actor/model/queen types. Not saying there can't be any. Just shouldn't be more than you'd find in an average trip to Target, or a movie, or a ballgame.
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    To CantgetenufTAR: No, I did not mean 'dump' the husband/wife teams, just have fewer of them. I think to make the show interesting, you HAVE to have different types of relationships and absolutely a married couple and dating couple are totally necessary. I agree with the other posts about having less or NO beauty queens and models. Also, I do not care for people who are trying to 'break in' to the entertainment industry and find shows like "the bachelor" , "survivor" and all the others as a means of doing so. As far as looks go....that is why I quit watching Fear Factor, because it is so evident that they only cast women with big boobies and tight abs. Face it--a lot of people go on these shows to get noticed and they do! I want real people and I do think TAR has done a fairly good job of it but I just don't want them to go down the Fear Factor route. By the way, just how do people manage to get all that time off work for the interview and the actual race? Leave of absence? Working in both the legal and medical professions myself, I tend to believe people actually have to quit their jobs. Plus, when you are racing, more than likely you are not getting paid by your employer if they do grant you a leave of absence, so like where do the people who have 'less than average' jobs and incomes come up with the extra cash to pay their bills when they are away? Just curious...Lastly, and I know I am going to get all kinds of negative comments about this.....but, how can Christian parents leave their kids for 6 weeks for a chance to win money? This does not make sense to me. I know that on Survior, Jenna left her little twin girls to do the show. Selfish, in my opinion.

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