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Thread: TAR Prediction Game Week 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by 101ethan
    First: Colin/Christie
    Last: Brandon/Nichole
    I want to change my entry to (hope it's not too late):

    First: Colin/Christie (same)
    Last: Kami & Karli

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    First: Chip and Kim
    Last: Linda and Karen

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    First: Chip & Kim
    Last: Linda & Karen

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    ok for now im gonna have to go with
    First: Brandon and Nicole
    Last: Kami and Karli

    well you see now im questioning this because these picks basically took me out of contention last week but i need something to get me somewhat ahead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowqueen
    Geez, I'm soo sad for not voting for my favorite team last week:

    Here's my guess for next week

    First: Colin and Christie

    Last: Karen and Linda :rolleyes

    Go Team Barbie and Ken (Christie and Colin)! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you win.
    I'm so sorry... I hope that I'm not too late to change my prediction. Here's my final guess:

    First: Chip and Kim (close second will be Colin and Christie!)
    Last: Charla and Mirna

    I hope that the Charla and Mirna will be eliminated by this round! Geez, I hate Mirna. Good riddance to her should her team be eliminated in the race... :phhht

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