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Thread: TAR Prediction Game Week 7

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    First - Colin and christy! wooo
    Last - Linda/Karen

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    I am still steadily droping, even though I got Marshall and Lance right (at least I think I did.. have to go check I suppose) but I guess thats mostly because everyone who didn't vote them to go, said Linda and Karen, and they were second to last... oh well...

    As for this week... I have added Colin and Christie to my hate list... While Brandon and Nicole still annoy me to the core, CC are just rude and dumb about a taxi, that in essence, they are done with.. in fact, if they let Charla and Mirna go, they would have, in theory sent them off course.. and they just seem to be ruthless and cutthroat, and while I find that amusing in most other reality shows.. this one is different, and I don't think this is good here, I think thats more for something like on BB or Forever Eden, where its less competition, more scheming....

    ANYWAY... I have a sense for the demise of one of my hate teams coming, but not this week, unfortunately, Karen and Linda are having LOTS of trouble, and while I think they might be having another NEL next week, I just think they have had so many episodes holding us in suspense because they screwed up... and I am sticking with my favorites to be first, Charla and Mirna...

    First to Arrive : Charla and Mirna
    Last to Arrive : Karen and Linda...
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    First - Chip and Kim
    Last - Charla and Mirna

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    I've never played before, but here we go...

    1st - Charla and Mirna
    Last - Kami and Karli (I just can't see them lasting much longer...)
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    I got One Right!! Thanks so much Burnt !!
    First: Brandon & Nicole
    Last: Kami & Karli

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    Alrite, I'm going out on a major limb this round and saying this:

    1st- Kami and Karli! You heard me right!
    Last- Charla and Mirna! You heard me right!

    As we've seen from the last leg, the race is getting more physical. This is why, last leg, the twins finished close to the top while Charla and Mirna finished close to the bottom. With this in mind, I think the Moms barely beat out Charla and Mirna to the pit stop.

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    AAARGHHHH! I can't believe I forgot to give my predictions for the last episode! OK, I am sure I'm at the bottom of the pack now.

    I am going to go with this:

    1st - Brandon/Nicole (I don't like 'em but I think this is their round)
    Last - Bowling Moms (Love 'em but they seem to be losing steam )

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    First Chip and Kim
    Last Kami and Karli (Like ya, but you are clueless!!)

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    I'm still indecisive so I'm sure I'll change my mind but;

    First: Colin & Christie
    Last: Linda & Karen

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    I'm smelling the Yield. I think there's going to be a bizarre end result this coming week because of it. My initial thoughts (subject to change any moment)

    1st to Arrive: Chip & Kim (using the yield)
    Last to Arrive: Mirna & Charla (If it comes down to a foot race, these two are beat by any one of the teams left.)

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